Freedom and Liberty dies with thunderous applause? (part 1)

Recently we are witnessing some major events on a global stage following each other one by one and so fast that major news agencies are unable to follow or to connect  them properly. At first appearance these events seems to be not connected (different points on a game board) but as basic rule in game of puzzles applies: “Every peace is important”. And if you connect all the peaces you will get the full picture. Do not forget this while you are reading this article.

What has been happening recently:

Human Society – Terrorism Security and Privacy

Since 9/11 we are fighting terrorism and due to this fight our personal freedom and our basic human rights are being constantly challenged. Look at the “Patriot Act” from 2001 and major controversy following its misuse by intelligence and security community.

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Not to mention what came out from one of the largest mass surveillance scandal called “Prism” we all do remember it form 2013 and what did Edward Snowden revealed.

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Basically the point is that these terrorist actions do not only strike fear into ordinary people heart and mind, they do not only take our lives and destroy our way of life. They constantly take our freedom and basic human rights bit by bit. Do not misinterpret me wrong, Yes its done by those who made those terrorist acts (the main goal of terrorism is to create terror) but the part where our freedoms and human rights are being taken, those things are mainly taken away by those same people that should protect us from the terror.

Power corrupts and more Power corrupts even more.

Lately we are seeing quite a lot of terrorist attacks happening around the world mainly in Middle East, Countries of Asia, but in the US and EU countries too.

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Again, Do not misjudge me wrong i am very pro to deal with ISIS and Terrorism once and for all. Terrorism is a cancer that needs to be removed from its host in this case “Humanity”. But while we are dealing with this treat we must not sacrifice our own freedom, our privacy, our way of life. We must not jail our selves due to these threats. We must not allowed to be imprisoned by those who take advantage of the developing situation and by those who think that there can be no balance between security and privacy or between “state control” and “human rights”. We should not allow that. Better to say these kind of people should not be allowed to run security and intelligence agencies.

Nevertheless we do need intelligence and security community.

Intelligence and Security community that works for us ordinary people. Community that protects our borders, our country, our home, our freedoms our privacy , our human rights. our way of life.

One of bright examples recently is Apple and Google. They are fighting and balancing constantly. They told us that right?! After what has happened with Snowden and Prism it was a logical step to do. Isn’t it?

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Security and privacy of their customers are being put forward. It is their ideology for now. I hope it will stay in future too. But as we saw in the past nothing lasts forever neither do ideologies. What will happen if their ideology changes?

But lets get back at the main topic.

We do not need intelligence and security community that works for big corporations, big interests, big influence .etc We have not choose them to do that. NO

People chose their governments to secure they way of life , to give them more stable , safer and prosperous life for ourselves and our children. Everything else is misuse of given trust or better to say misuse of power.

Do not forget that you gave them that power to do what they do . You chose your political representatives and they chose the intelligence community and then that same community chose the rule of engagement.

We all  want for these terrorist attacks to stop and to get back our life’s as before but we should not give our privacy and human rights away to accomplish this. No. Not in the wildest dreams. There must be balance between security and privacy.

We must not allowed for these events to be catalyst for controlled human society something like Orwell’s  1984. No. You would not want  your children to live in that kind of society.

We must not allow  the outcome to be:

Problem – Reaction – Solution

Right now we are at the stage where our Reaction is wanted. Problem already exists. And we can see a glimpse into the future and what kind of Solution is being offered to us. Trust me you can see it you do not need to be “Nostradamus” to see it you just need to take a deep breath, clear your mind and to think about it for a second. Nothing more.

We all scream for solution. We all want “law” and “order” But what kind of order will it be? Lets be careful what we wish! Do not make “thunderous applause” while our Freedom and Liberty dies.

“Freedom is a state of being capable of making decisions without external control. Liberty, on the other hand, is Freedom which has been granted to a people by an external control.

At the end it is going to be what you asked for. The peoples free will is going to be respected whatever the choice or outcome will be. Right now your Reaction is wanted. You are being asked to chose and to accept. Every option is on the table it just depends what you chose. What path do we chose for ourselves, for our children and  for the Humanity itself.

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Keep in mind that there are groups, corporations and organizations that strive and prosper on these kind of situations. Arm dealers, oil industry, military industrial complex, intelligence agencies, security agencies I can not count them all but there are many. Not to mention groups that just want a total chaos for the sake of total control.

UK EU and refuge crisis

What is recently happening on the European continent? Many things for sure. Financial crisis is getting stronger day by day. I am talking about ordinary people no doubt in that. Unemployment rising, job loss, the life expenses are constantly rising bit by bit. We are being controlled and squeezed more and more each day that passes by. But on the other hand you have official statistics which states  that we are getting better and better. Let me give you a word about statistics. They are manipulated from the beginning (top) till the very same end (bottom). Official statistics and poll opinions are constantly being manufactured to show us things in a way which they are not, to mislead us. Why? To fulfill the goals of achievements which are being given from people in charge to the corporations, organizations and people that work in them. This is the case in every branch of society. Look around you and you will see the same thing happening that i am talking about but on a local scale.

As globally so locally.
As above so below.

Do not follow only main stream information there are many others out there. Inform yourselves. Combine the information.

Look what has happened to people of Greece and the Greece itself, the founding pillar of Democracy?

On the other hand Look what people of UK has done.

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The most important thing on UK referendum is not the decision that UK has made to leave EU but the reason why people have chosen to vote to leave is.

It is not an unknown thing that many special interests on both sides where included in decision regarding should UK leave or stay in EU . But in this case these things do not matter. People have decided to vote leave as a BIG  NO to establishment. NO to those same special interests. UK referendum has being the greatest showdown between elite and ordinary people. This was the reasoning behind the ordinary people that took that decision for UK to leave EU. This kind of reasoning has left speechless and surprised special interests standing behind UK referendum, both Leave and Remain. For a moment people voice and strength was shown. It was marvelous and utterly beautiful.

We have financial crisis and economy at the brink of collapse. It is not a question if it will pop out the only question is WHEN?

Look at the Great Refuge crisis. European countries are under constant pressure due to these migrations. Economic pressure and security concerns are rising day by day. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has opened the door of Germany and Europe to everyone. I emphasize everyone because there are no proper security screenings of who enters and for what purpose. There is no proper immigration policy regarding EU.

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What would happen if Turkey would decide to open its door and let millions and millions towards the EU. What then?

Euro-skeptic movement is rising all around the EU. It is rising in France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Greece and many more.

Please do not forget what i have said at the beginning of this article. These are not separate Dot’s to be observed in a separate way.

To be Continued…

Written by Founder of TBU NEWS Zeljko Mihajlovic

Best Regards

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