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TBU NEWS name came from a slogan (The Truth Behind Us). The Truth truly lies behind us. Behind me. Behind you. It lies behind every our move, our decision and choice that we have made. It lies behind our words, our actions our deeds. It lies in our thoughts and emotions. It lies in our consciousness and our awareness. It lies in our free will. It is around us and inside of us. The present moment is a moment that exist only now. When a single second passes by, that moment becomes history. One lesson more. One truth behind us. History can be our greatest teacher of all but as we can see it we are not good pupils at all. We are constantly failing the test of History and running in circles all the time. It is time to stop that. It is time to move forward.

TBU NEWS is led by three inspiring individuals; one from Montenegro, one from United States and one from Netherlands. We are not like other mainstream commercial media, at least we try not to be. TBU NEWS will try not to speak when it does not have something to say. We will not share when we do not have something to share. TBU NEWS is about truth, objectiveness and fairness. It is about the future, to show you  and to inspire you to see that there is always a different way, a better way for each one of us. Better way for humanity itself.

On TBU NEWS  – international you will be able to find news, articles, videos, photos related to different topics: news and politics, science and technology, economy and daily life, humanity and society, earth and natural cycles, unknown and beyond … You will be able to publish your own articles as well as those you find in relation to these topics. You can contribute by posting your own experiences, current events, articles, videos and photos that you are interested in. Coming from your country or from whatever place you come from. Just send us the info at: [email protected] (Highest Security) Your privacy and security is guaranteed. For more details please visit ===> “Be a Reporter“.

TBU NEWS (The Truth Behind Us) international is an independent / non profit media, news and publishing website. TBU NEWS is organised, following and existing under positive principles of freedom of press and freedom of speech and by International laws of UN, U.S. and EU: U.S. constitution first amendment and 17 U.S. Code Section 107 also EU Charter  of Fundamental Rights Article 11, Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as well as Article 19 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights ECHR Article 10, The European Directive 2001/29/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 22 May 2001 and UN – The Universal Declaration of Human Rights Article 19 – Right to freedom of opinion and expression adopted and proclaimed by the General Assembly of the United Nations on December 10, 1948. TBU NEWS infrastructure, servers and web sites are located on a location that provide us (by the law) protection of  Whistleblowers, anonymous sources, source-journalist communications and much more…. It allow us to work properly as it was meant to be: Free and Independent. TBU NEWS is a strong supporter of free press, and freedom of speech and accordingly we have decided to act that way not just speak about freedom. Due to security and privacy concerns The location and the name of our infrastructure host will not be disclosed here / publicly, It will be named just “HOST” – For more details and further questions please contact our Data Protection officer Timothy Greenspan –  [email protected] (Secure Email).

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NO comments and no interaction of any kind on published article’s are allowed. Why ? Because these information that you read on TBU NEWS are for you to read and later for only you to decide what to think about them. Without any external influence whatsoever. Should you take them for granted or not? Should you research more or not? It’s up to you!Interactions are allowed on TBU NEWS –YouTube channelFacebook page, Twitter and Pinterest page.

TBU NEWS is going to try to answer at any question asked and sent to us, as a comment, email or message. For more information please send us an email at [email protected] (Secure Email) Your privacy and data security is guaranteed. TBU NEWS does not and will not collect any private info and will not share any of it to anybody without explicit written permission to do so. Privacy of sources are protected in full.

During this journey we shall try to give you a choice with more points to research from. Several different angles of opinion and we will be objective as much as we can.

TBU NEWS is the place where you can read an Objective and Inspiring news.

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