Recovering the American dream and Change in global affairs

The World as it is now - Everything interconnected - A chance for Human Society that must not be dropped - Where are we heading?
March 17, 2017
  • TBU NEWS Statement – It is time to stand Resolute

    As promised two months ago TBU NEWS has focused mainly on Twitter and YouTube channel and after some time it has proven to be a right decision. In time to come TBU NEWS will continue to do the same and will broaden the focus on its entire infrastructure to...
  • TBU NEWS Statement – Editorial change and plans for the future

    We would like to inform you about the latest change in editorial structure of TBU NEWS. Editor in chief and founder of TBU NEWS Zeljko Mihajlovic is leaving TBU NEWS due to matter of private concern and personal obligations. This decision has been made by the chief editor itself....

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