TBU NEWS important announcement – “The Winter is coming” but we will be prepared

Let’s be clear,  Some time ago TBU NEWS has made a promise to give to our readers and followers a way to tell the truth to the world by using our platform for free. We started a project  Be a Reporter and what happened? Nothing,  absolutely nothing. We had a good idea but we done it in a childish way. Forgive us for that but we are learning as fast as possible. So, to cut the story short this is what will happen next.

TBU NEWS is going to transfer all its infrastructure websites etc  to a new location and new servers. TBU NEWS workstations will be preboot and fully crypted (256bit AES), platform location is secured by electronic locking systems and armed guards, High-security firewall and brute-force protection, DDoS protected, GDPR compliment and much more….

On the other hand new location will also allow us (by the law) to: Protect Whistleblowers, anonymous sources, source-journalist communications and much more…. It will allow us to achieve all mentioned above, higher privacy and security for TBU NEWS and our sources. This new location will without any doubt allow us to work properly as it was meant to be: Free and Independent. TBU NEWS is a strong supporter of free press, and freedom of speech and accordingly we have decided to act that way not just speak about freedom.

Words need deeds

This is not all, We have decided to separate our platform from communications. TBU NEWS will have a  second server dedicated only for email communication. Server data centre  is located  1000 meters under in a heavily guarded bunker which can survive a nuclear attack. Every email Message sent to us or by us will be encrypted at all times, zero access architecture, Full disk encryption and storage in secured data centers, No tracking or logging of personally identifiable information will happen.

Our domain will get protection that deserves for us and for you…DNSEC etc…

Last but not least we will give to everyone an option to communicate with us using secure and encrypted messaging service called Signal. Signal messages and calls are always end-to-end encrypted and painstakingly engineered to keep communication safe. Nobody can’t read your messages or see your calls.

Signal messages are encrypted with the Signal Protocol (formerly known as the TextSecure Protocol). The protocol combines the Double Ratchet Algorithm, prekeys, and a Triple Diffie-Hellman(3XDH) handshake. It uses Curve25519AES-256, and HMAC-SHA256 as primitives. The protocol provides confidentiality, integrity, authentication, participant consistency, destination validation, forward secrecy, backward secrecy (aka future secrecy), causality preservation, message unlinkability, message repudiation, participation repudiation, and asynchronicity. It does not provide anonymity preservation, and requires servers for the relaying of messages and storing of public key material.

This is Signal but in near future if you chose to  you will able to use a custom VOIP Encryption system to contact TBU NEWS….I hope that we have managed to keep our promise. We are constantly learning and we will evolve more in years to come.

When will it happen? In next 30 days 😉

That is all for now…I almost forgot…We have a message for the Enemies of the Freedom, Privacy, Free Press and Freedom of Speech: Times are challenging, Dark clouds have gathered above Privacy and Freedom and as our favourite GOT characters said: “The Winter is coming” but Justice and Truth will prevail and you can Go and F…Yourself!

Written by Founder of TBU NEWS Zeljko Mihajlovic

Best Regards

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