US elections and The Future of Human Society – Everything is at stake!

People of the World must rise in support of US President Donald J. Trump! If Biden wins then it’s “Game Over” for our Freedoms and Way of Life!

2020 US Presidential Elections are the most important elections in the History of the United States of America and the World! Everything is at stake! Our Freedoms, Human Rights, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of press, Way of Life, our Livelihoods, World Economy, Foreign Relations, Peace! This and more is in jeopardy if Biden gets The White House!

If Biden wins Covid-19 global pandemic will last for 5 more years and it will change our way of life completely! The World Economy will collapse (“Great Reset”) and we will be the accomplices in the creation of “New World Order” which will deprive us of our fundamental Freedoms!

Americans will chose their President but we must stand in support of American people because our Future and Future of our children depends of their choice!

We are all connected, We all inhabit this planet and We are all human beings! We Are all One! The Free will of the people must be respected!

Everything is at stake!

Written by TBU NEWS Founder Zeljko Mihajlovic

Best Regards

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