Grant of Freedom

We are all infinite consciousness all that is, all that has been and ever will be.

“You can not grant me my freedom. It is not your right and gift to grant me my freedom or take it away. Because I am and we all are freedom.”

As stated at the beginning it is the people’s choice that does matter. That fire that burns inside in each of us whatever it may be is what truly counts and what makes the difference. Free choice must be the imperative and Free will must be respected it is an universal and ultimate law of all, whatever the outcome is. It is nobody right to decide was it right or wrong as long as the decisions where made freely and without any external pressure and manipulation. It is nobody right to say how much we should be free. It is nobody right to give us or take from us something that we already earned on the day of our birth.

“Man will be what he was born to be Free and Independent.”

John F. Kennedy

Best Regards

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