Privacy and Security – Face Viber and BBM not quite secure Tor and Open Whisper champions of security

We are living in troublesome times. Time of terrorism threats, security issues and our private freedoms and right for privacy is endangered more than ever.

Governments and their intelligence agencies all around the world are using these real threats and dangers to diminish our right for privacy more and more with the pretext fighting the same one. Do not misunderstood me it is their job to do that and they should fight terrorism and security threats but not at the expense of our own security and our global right for privacy.

Who has the access to our private information your tech giant , your provider, your hosting service etc. What permission you have granted to them and what you did not ? How they are handling your private data and how much effort are they using to protect you and your privacy ? It is the most important thing and basic human right. You chose who to trust but their business is to justify that trust.

Power of information is power of knowledge but it should not include our private life being scanned , collected and put in some storage due to someone bad judgment , political or business interest, fear, will and power to be able to decide and to do this with the excuse “It is better to prevent then to cure” or worse “Lets have it in case we need it”. It is wrong.

There should be legal and lawful procedure to these things like court order, proper investigation and true intelligence information about someones involvement in these kind of security threats. Backed up with strong evidence of suspicion before government issues legal surveillance methods to screen someones privacy. And when those measures are being used and approved the law and justice should not finish there. Surveillance methods should be enforced only with the legal procedures that must not be overstepped for example: what kind and how much of information they have and should collect, who has the access to these kind of information, who oversees the surveillance process and agencies that have the ability to do this , what is being done with information collected how they are handled , what kind of information you should be able to collect and store and what not, for how long these information can be stored and where? who has the access ?, if someone is being proved not guilty what then ? that person should be informed and their privacy restored ? the most important thing , is it all by law and not some grey area where everything is permitted. And after the surveillance process is finished justice system should take all those findings in consideration and scrutiny using the highest legal and moral tools at their disposal. There are many more issues that must be and should be take into the consideration but this article is not about this.

Some people in security business are going to say these are troubled times  and that people from who we are protecting you do not care for anything ans that we should dirty our hands also to win this fight. No it is wrong!

If we chose to fight the darkness with darkness then the darkness is only what is left and they win. We should not sacrifice our way of life our believes and our light that is just at what they are aiming.

Until these  issues are addressed properly we should not take security for granted and take things in our hand and try to stay ahead of times.

The purpose of this article is to make you feel more secure and to give you some security and privacy review on the services that we are all using  like Face , Viber , BBM etc. TBU NEWS does not says that these services are totally  insecure NO (they are or some of them are also trying to give their best to tackle the security issues and play this game of cat and mouse)  but if you want some extra security YES they are.  TBU NEWS is going to try to help you to decide which kind of service you should chose when you want some extra security and privacy (not all the time or maybe all the time) but if you chose them you should always have in mind to be updated on the info on these matters. Because this is the oldest game of cat and mouse.


Which apps and tools actually keep your messages and calls safe?

In the face of widespread Internet surveillance, we need a secure and practical means of talking to each other from our phones and computers. Many companies offer “secure messaging” products—but are these systems actually secure? We decided to find out, in the first phase of a new EFF Campaign for Secure & Usable Crypto.

This scorecard represents only the first phase of the campaign. In later phases, we are planning to offer closer examinations of the usability and security of the tools that score the highest here. As such, the results in the scorecard below should not be read as endorsements of individual tools or guarantees of their security; they are merely indications that the projects are on the right track. For practical advice and tutorials on how to protect your online communication against surveillance, check out EFF’s Surveillance Self-Defense guide.


Encrypted in transit? Encrypted so the provider can’t read it? Can you verify contacts’ identities? Are past comms secure if your keys are stolen? Is the code open to independent review? Is security design properly documented? Has there been any recent code audit?
AIM Yes No No No No No No
BlackBerry Messenger Yes No No No No No No
BlackBerry Protected Yes Yes