TBU NEWS – The truth behind us and a new beginning

Prior to every new Beginning comes the inevitable fall.

Good or evil, right or wrong, darkness or light, it is only a matter of choice and free will, not a matter of moment, of necessity, need or benefit.

Everyone is going through their own temptations, lessons, facing our own demons, fears, but at the end the choice and outcome is inevitable as well as the responsibility for the same.

The truth is universal and unchangeable, but how to be certain of what is the truth and what is not? When it is clouded by our judgment, by our principles, subjectivity, experience from which we previously may have not learned a thing, by our environment, by our own sense of what is right and wrong and last but not least important, the truth blurred with our emotion of fear and survival. Does truth becomes something else? Does everyone has their own truth that fits the moment of the emotional state in which we find ourselves?

The truth that suits the moment, the truth that fits our sense of security, our needs and benefits for the sake of our survival?

The truth that matches the level of fear that we have.

The truth is truth only as long as it pleases us and as far as is pleasing to hear or accept it.

If this is like this then what does remains from the truth? What does becomes of truth? Isn’t it?

Does a lie becomes the means of justification? We are lying ourselves and others with various unlimited excuses saying that everyone has their own truth. We love to say that the truth is not good for us. We do think that it is better to say and accept a lie from which we may have use to benefit us and with which we feel comfortable than to speak the truth. At least once in your life you have heard yourself or someone else to say that everyone have their own truth. Is this true or just an excuse to lie with which we feel safe? Comfort and peace of mind are only an illusion and nothing more. The illusion we only use to lie to ourselves and others that something is right but in fact is not.

Illusion can shatter in second, and then what we are left with is the truth only the naked truth.

There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth: not going all the way, and not starting.

Great power requires great responsibility, but also creates a great illusion and blurs judgment. View from the top of the tower of Babylon does not see reality as it really is, as it is seen from below.

Do we really help when we are doing good and a favor to somebody  or we do it just to make  feel good and comfortable, because we all like to say, and to think that we are really good, and that we help etc. ? Do we really like to help each other because of others or we are helping each other for our own sake?

Accept responsibility and truth as it is, otherwise the power over your life is surrendered to others. To say I am not guilty of this it is your fault, or I am not responsible you are, means you are giving power directly to somebody or something else that can control you,

Love and a sense of guilt or guilty conscience is something that makes us essentially human beings. We should embrace it. There is nothing wrong in the fact that sometimes we feel bad. That is the way how we learn, that is how we grow, and that is how we evolve. We shall not know the light without darkness. We are unable to see how it is at the top and appreciate what’s there, if first we do not pass the deepest abyss and feel all the aspects of darkness and cold. How we can know what love is if we have never experienced it, and released it to flow? How to know love if we did not learned what it is hatred?

Love has many aspects, love for our partner, love for a spouse, towards the child, towards family members, towards a friend, pet, for coffee, music, film, place etc. But love is love and love is something that our soul craves for, from the moment of birth to the moment of our death.

Because at the end what matters is how much we loved and how much we were loved.

The storm of all times that we are going to face is inevitable and not a question of whether it will happen but when it will happen and the question is how do we greet it with surprise, shocked and afraid or openly with the knowledge that after each fall comes a new beginning.

The truth knowledge and light are not to be found in the stars, mysteries, conspiracies, somewhere far, far away, somewhere elusive, in the pyramids, in the sacred writings, in secret societies, symbols, tombs etc.

The truth knowledge and the light as well as ignorance, lies and darkness is within ourselves and that is the place we should look for them to reevaluate ourselves, to make a choices and accept responsibility.

Continue to fight for the truth, for freedom and for love. Continue to fight for you and for the people around you and if you are in a position to help and to contribute do it. It doesn’t matter how small it is. Just one word can mean everything. Just one deed no matter how small may be sufficient, but be careful in the course of this struggle, be careful not to become the very thing you are fighting against.

With this TBU NEWS ends one stage and begins a new one. TBU NEWS hopes that it has been of use for you if only as much as we have managed to make you capture your imagination, to make you think, we might have been helpful, and maybe not.

Anyway, thank you for your support.

The concept of TBU NEWS will change. Name TBU NEWS will remain the same, however, our motto “Place where you can seek for truth” will change to “Place where you can read an objective news”.

Nobody has the right and the luxury over the truth not even TBU NEWS. These days there will be a change in the appearance of the site itself. Certain categories will be removed from the site.These categories are: “Human Evolution and Spirituality”, “Mystery Conspiracy and Beyond” and “History and Education”. Other categories will be summarized in eight categories that will carry the name: “News Headlines and Politics”, “Earth and natural cycles”, “Science and Technology”, “Economy and Daily Life”,”Quote of the day”, “Humanity and Society”,”Unknown and Beyond” and the 8-th category will continue to bear the name “The Truth Behind Us”, as a kind of reminder, and perhaps help on the road that we all have passed together, which we go through and the road that we are going to pass. It shall remain “The truth behind us.”

TBU NEWS hopes that in the coming period it will fulfil your expectations and justify your support with objective and unbiased approach to the topics that we will explore and monitor and that the information published will retain your support that you have provided us in the past.

Stay with TBU NEWS, because TBU NEWS is “A place where you can read an objective news”.

Wrote by founder at TBU NEWS Željko Mihajlović

Best Regards

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