In Times of need

Hard choice not an easy one
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There is a time in our life when we must persist , must stand behind the words that we speak nonetheless the risk of loss. We should not betray ourselves and our soul. Its is the hardest choice not an easy one  but if your heart, soul and every part of our body tells you that you are right and that something is wrong.  Then the choice is right. There is no mistake. Do not forget that.

Don’t let your self be bullied to think as everybody else or to think like you are being told to think  NO, not even for a moment not even for the cost of losing  your best friend, your girlfriend someone or something that is dear to your heart. You can not make compromises or cold blooded calculations on humanity , decency , good manners , mutual respect, reciprocity in sharing, love , feelings, giving help to others .etc NO, those stuff are not to be calculated or compromised with. These things all come from one place  heart / soul and there does not exist a calculator.

We all must stand and defend our Essence of being Human.

What about helping each other in these times of need?

People mostly expect of someone else to deal with their problems, someone else to fight their fights and someone else to chase away their fears. But when fruits of freedom are due to be collected then they demand to collect them only by themselves. It’s not a problem to help someone or to fight for right cause but for anyone to help somebody else other side need to contribute too. Help me to help you! Otherwise your efforts in doing so will become completely pointless and meaningless.If someone wants to stay in dark you can not drag them from there place of choice and  free will. You can show them the exit but not to carry them trough it.

The most important thing is that we all must stop PUPPETING EACH OTHER INTO COMPLY MODE there is no benefit for anyone if we continue this path.

Lets try to be better. We can be better.

Written by editor at TBU NEWS Zeljko Mihajlovic

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