Puppeting each other into comply mode – Why still ?

People are saying that for couple of years now things are becoming so obvious that if you are not seeing them you are either blind or stupid. But i...

People are saying that for couple of years now things are becoming so obvious that if you are not seeing them you are either blind or stupid. But i do not think that we are neither of those two. Nor blind. Nor stupid.

We have became so ambivalent, with extensive lack of moral boundaries,  emotionally distorted and scared that if you would want to put all of those things in a bag that bag would have to be big as Mount Everest.

This is not something  new that i have said . This is something that is taking its place in human society more and more each day that passes by. It’s ripping apart the word Human from the word Society. Just look around you. You don’t need to look far. Just turn around and you will see.

Must mention before i continue. There are good people out there. Yes there are. But if you want them to stay good it is best for you and them not to say out loud that they are good. You could be surprised. They could be surprised.

Yes, you are seeing the rising tide of people emerging from the shadows. Unimportant people. People without any power, morally bad structured, without any empathy for others except for themselves. People with great deal of low self confidence becoming role models for rest of us.

How can it be? Easy. The rest of us are in silence and when you chose to shut up those things happen. Try to imagine what happens when you applaud.

What are we prepared to do for crumbs on  the table? A lot as it seems. Do not forget that those crumbs are so tiny that selling your self for them is so unbelievably miserable that whenever you think about that you will be ashamed of yourself. Ashamed if you have any decency left.

But people tend to get excuses and when you tell them this kind of stuff they will say to you that you are living in a fantasy world. They will tell you that you believe in utopia and they will continue to get you out of your mind with sentences like these: “Times have changed we must change also”,  “I have a family and my duty is to take care of them” ,” I have a job” , “I have a mortgage”, “I need to take care of those things”, ” I am the part of the team you should be too”, “Where everybody goes the little me is going there also”

(LITTLE ME, THAT IS THE EXACT THINKING THAT TAKES YOUR POWER AWAY), “I will stub you before you do”…Oh i got carried away…The herd mentality.

While they are saying these things they are mostly aware that you are right and that they are deeply wrong. Nevertheless they are saying it and they will continue to do so.

So situation is very bad. Bad for us and bad for them.

But it’s not so bad as is puppeting each other to compliance mode. Even if we know that we are not right. It’s the worst.

Do not misinterpret me in a wrong way. Yes those excuses and obligations are real do not think for a moment that they are not. We all do have them in some way or another but we do not act the same way like i described above. Not all of us takes our freedom for granted, our way of expression , choice , free will and right to speak our mind freely. No we do not. Nor should you.

Lets get back to the main topic.

We are constantly policing ourselves into compliance by saying: “Do not do that”, “What have you done”, “I told you so”, “This is not good for you” ,”Income and achieving further is the goal of life”, “No emotions those are not allowed”, “Showing emotions is rude”…Yes  you are right showing emotions if you do not have them is very rude.

Sometimes you can hear: “If you say think or act in that way you are going to be hurt” and then very often you get hurt by those same people that are trying to “save you”. Ironic isn’t it. Our ego, pride and fear does not allow us to accept the truth even if it’s so obvious as Mount Everest is.

We are all enjoining our conformity. Our crumbs from the table. We are constantly informed that wrong is right and dark is light and if everything is not in  that distorted “order” than its chaos.

For example how many times did you heard this: “If you do not want to comply you will suffer”. Directly or indirectly said it doesn’t matter, it’s said and it’s a threat. “You do not have the right to change things, who are you”. Epic sentences aren’t they. But not for all of us. I have some  questions for them too:

Who Are You ? What gives you the right to tell me what my freedom should look like? What gives you the right to tell what is right or bad for me? It is not you right to give me my freedom back or take it away.Enough with “political correctness”. It’s one of the reasons we are in this trouble. Let call things exactly what they are.

Now lets get carried away.

Let’s not forget that Punishment awaits for those who di not comply. The Punishment for not complying for not being a “constructive part of society” is not only manifested in words but deeds also. Often coming from the same ones that tried to puppet you to the oblivion. Let’s name some of them. Isolation , harassment, ridicule, games, words, loss, threats, spying on each other,  confrontation and every kind of shit that you can imagine. Why? Simple. You are not complying. You do not want to follow. And if you resist then the punishment happens. You must be punished or you are going to be right. Not to mention that they want to show how loyal they are to their lies that they want to justify, to the system that they serve, to their “role models” to the shit bringers.

But what to follow? What do we need to follow? There is no one and nothing to follow. You should go for a walk by yourself and then decide by yourself what is right or wrong.

If you have a steady mind and open heart , harmony within then the conclusions and decisions YOU make can not be wrong.

Lets ask a question to the loyalist and shit bringers. What if your sister, mother, brother, daughter , son is exposed to this kind of “Prison”? What will you say to them? Would you say?: “Do not worry  things happens”,”It’s life you should comply”. Or you would be seriously hurt and defend them and fight for them? Maybe you are going to learn them to be as you? Or you are boldly thinking that those things will not happen to you and your family as long as you play dead.

Oh NO. You are so wrong deeply wrong.

What will be the state of your mind and emotions when this comes?

What if one of your family members or a child of yours ask you one day? :

“Dad where have you been when the bad things started to happen?”  Are you going to answer? : “Dear i helped it to happen”…This would be an epic answer and one hell of an answer. Well, Maybe not. Maybe you are going to continue to do what you have done best. To continue to lie tthemselves and others. But it will not last for long. It never does.

The state of the society is getting worst each day more and more. We all have our new moral codes, new constructive thinking in dealing with life. People tend to think that “It is better to stay in “Prison” beacuse it is familiar and who knows what awaits us outside of it “.

The State of Distortion.

OK. Go and sit. Good boy. God dog. But there is no way that you can change what is coming. You can only slow it down a little but not change the outcome. There are many out there who do not want to sit and role over anymore. What about you? Do you want to be left alone in a room shivering on the outskirts of history , or you will do something?

It is not important any more who the puppet masters are it is more important why are we puppeting each other constantly more and more?

When everything is so blatantly obvious as this , Why do we still act as we do? Fear ladies and gentlemen Fear is what keeps us in Prison. Fear of loss of every kind.

Yes you speak for god sake, Yes to the independent opinion, freedom of expression and free choice. Yes to humanity, empathy and getting together. Yes to Love and knowledge. Yes to our existence.

No to false role models, NO to shit bringers, No more divide and rule, No Fear. NO more games.

Only together we can bring the light in this darkness. We have many hands that can hold the torch.

To be continued

written by editor at TBU NEWS Zeljko Mihajlovic

(this article has been originally published on Feb 17, 2016 and updated on Jul 21, 2016 )

Best Regards

Humanity and Society
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