Exclusive new footage – Anti government protest in Podgorica Montenegro

This is the exclusive new video footage about yesterday anti government protests that took place in Podgorica capital city of Montenegro.

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Short review what has happened:

PODGORICA (Reuters) 24.10.2015 – Police in Montenegro on Saturday fired teargas for the second successive weekend to break up around 5,000 protesters who marched on the parliament demanding the resignation of veteran Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic and snap elections.

The rally began peacefully but turned violent after demonstrators attempted to break through a police cordon at the parliament building, hurling stones, flares and an incendiary device, a Reuters reporter at the scene said.

Interior Minister Rasko Konjevic told a news conference that 15 police officers were injured, one seriously, and that 24 civilians sought medical treatment.

Andrija Mandic, a leader of the Democratic Front opposition alliance that staged the protest, and his ally Slaven Radunovic were taken for questioning over their roles in the incident, the minister said.

“This was an evident attack on police and state property. I am leaving to the prosecutor to evaluate the offense.”

Under Montenegrin law, Mandic enjoys immunity from arrest unless the offense is punishable by a prison term of over five years.

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By Reuters: – Montenegrin police fire teargas to disperse opposition

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By TBU NEWS – Anti government protest in Podgorica

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