TBU NEWS Live – Antigovernment protests in Montenegro turned Violent

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Due to technical issues TBU NEWS is not able to report / stream live but it will post pictures and later video.

19:00 – Anti government protests has started in downtown of Podgorica the capital city of Montenegro.






19:39 – The opposition leaders gave the 48 minutes ultimatum to the Government of Montenegro to respond.

20:21 – The police of Montenegro is preparing the gas masks.



20:27 – The opposition leaders are asking the Government and Milo Djukanovic the prime minister of Montenegro to step down and give their resignation.They are calling the police to come with people to throw their shields down.

20:37 – The opposition leaders are trying and calling the people to enter into the parliament.

The opposition leaders are trying to enter into the parliament of Montenegro.




20:59 – Police and opposition leaders are still talking with each others to let them enter into the parliament building.



21:03 – Police drones are flying over the parliament.

21:23 – Opposition leaders are calling for the president of Montenegian parliament Ranko Krivokapic to come at the gate of the parliament and step down from the political position. Opposition leaders are saying that they will not give up until the end and that this is the night when the Government of Montenegro will fall.

21:32 – Local news agency Vijesti published that President of Montenegian Parliament Ranko Krivokapic has offered the opposition leaders to let the opposition leaders into the parliament peacefuly.

21:59 – The opposition leaders gave the last speach / ultimatum to police to let them enter into the parliament in next 10 minutes or they will not be responsible for the people reaction or anything what happens next.

22:15 – After 10 minutes have past the hell on the streets of Podgorica has begun. People gathered in front of the parliament has begun to throw stones, flairs, molotovlev coctails and evrything that they had with them on to the police forces of Montenegro than the police has reacted and thrown the tear gas and shock bombs.

Police has managed to disperse the people gathered around the parliament and Government buildings. The fighting with the police has continued on the streets all around of Podgorica downtown the police forces are trying to do everything to clear the streets and to get the situation under control.

Several police officers and protestors are hurt.

Fithing between police and protestors continued all around the Podgorica the capital city of  Montenegro.

The press conference of Ministry of interior afairs Rasko Konjevic is scheduled in couple of minutes.

Stores and other small business around the Podgorica are being destroyed and looted.

23:15 – Local news agency Portal Analitika says that the Andrija Mandic opposition leader has being arrested …it was confirmed by the official police source.

Exclusive video materials taken in front of the parliament when the confrontation with the police and protestors begun will be published in couple of days beacuse its in HD and need to be edited for publishing.



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