TBU NEWS – Recovered

As you all know TBU NEWS has not being able to function in full capacity due to security issues.

In mean time couple of days ago TBU NEWS was able to regain some of the access but as of this moment TBU NEWS would like to inform you that TBU NEWS has managed to regain back the access to its capacity in 100% full  and that is going to continue its work properly and objectively as it always did.

TBU NEWS must give thanks to many of companies out there that are giving and gave TBU NEWS help and advice, to people, to security services,  etc.

TBU NEWS is going to give thanks also to Facebook, Microsoft technical support, and all the good people working there and especially TBU NEWS has to give thanks to Google their employees and all the Googlers out there for its and their help in solving this issue in complete.

TBU NEWS is not going to talk about this in details because of security reasons.

Thank you very much!

From tomorrow morning TBU NEWS is going to continue its work as usually.

Best Regards

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