UK – EU Referendum – Attack on free will ?

On June the 16th one unspeakable tragedy has happened. Jo Cox mother of two a member of British Labour Party and a British MP has been murdered while she was preparing to hold a meeting with her constituency. This has been one tragical death and a great loss for her family and friends. TBU NEWS is expressing it’s  deepest condolence and sympathy to the family of deceased.

But lets try to be objective and speak about the ramifications of this murder. Ramification that is having on the UK referendum.

As we have seen in past three days This murder, this great loss has been used by some “pro stay” supporters, media and organizations to state their case. It is very politicly irresponsible to create this kind of picture where you are indirectly creating a soft picture of transfer of guilt to Brexit option, its supporters and what is mostly important to those who are still undecided.

UK referendum is not just a British local thing. UK referendum is of Global importance. Brit’s are deciding the future of us all. This tragic and horrific event has been used in every conceivable way to change and to role public opinion. It’s been used to stop Britain people to give a vote of no confidence to EU.

This tragic event should not be allowed to be used in this manner. It is wrong. People should be allowed to vote based on their opinion and free will. Rasing the fear and identifying “Brexit” idea and every Brexit supporter with this horrific act is the lowest form of political struggle that can happen.

This is a classic case of the transfer of guilt.

Let’s not forget to mention that this tragic event happened just 7 days before the referendum. It happened when all the polls where saying that “UK leave option” is in lead and when all the scary tactics have not been successful. I must emphasize that I am not stating that this murder had been organized or something like that. NO, Not at all! Lets believe that justice system of UK will do their job properly. What am I saying is that the timing when this murder happened and its use in political struggle is more than perfect. But used in this way is more than Wrong.

People have to be vigilant in these turbulent times. UK referendum holds much in stake and people need to have their heads cool down before they decide.

The story about this horrific and unspeakable act must not be allowed to put aside the rising objective concerns why UK should leave the EU.

Find out more about the objective concerns on this link bellow:

EU – The Beginning of the End?

Yes this murder is a horrific and tragic event but the future of UK and human society is at stake. Things need to be done wisely and facts must hold the argument. People must not allow their emotions to be manipulated.

People’s free will must be respected in every possible way.

Written by Founder of TBU NEWS Zeljko Mihajlovic

Best Regards

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