Independence Day – UK has left the European Union with over 1 million votes of advantage

The People of United Kingdom have spoken. United Kingdom is leaving the European Union. With more than 1 million votes of advantage and in total more than 17 million people have voted for “leave” campaign. United Kingdom has made a strong decision to leave the European Union.

Turnout of people on UK Referendum is 72%.

UK referendum is viewed by some political analysts as a great response from the people and a great reminder to special interests, politicians and establishments all around the Europe and the World that people will is what count’s and that it must be respected. This has been an historical decision and the ultimate showdown between people and the establishment. At the end people have won.

Peoples will is what count’s! 

Historical moment for United Kingdom , Europe and the World.

United Kingdom is celebrating its Independence Day.

News Update

Prime Minister David Cameron has resigned following the UK decision to leave the EU. Prime Minister stated that:

“The country requires fresh leadership”

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