Tick Tock – Shape The Future – Let’s make a decision!

Power of mind is vast because it projects the variables into the collective consciousness. Which variable you are going to step in or which one is going to become your reality ? I don’t know but to find out we have to focus on the moment! We have to focus especially now.

Lets Focus from our mind and soul in one unbreakable chain.

Be free and watch this video:

No one has the right to tell us that something is impossible, everything is possible  from our most beautiful dreams to unspeakable horrors. After all that is what humanity is. Beautiful and unspeakable horror coexisting at the same time and place.

At the end everything comes to a choice that everyone has a right to it. Right, wrong, lie, truth, darkness or light etc. Everything is legitimate. We just have to chose. You can not stand here and not to chose. Humanity has to chose, We all have to chose. It is our destiny to chose, It is unavoidable. We can make up our mind in the proces , but we don’t have the luxury not to chose. We are not here for “not to chose”. Free will is what matters and free will is what must be respected without any compromise at all!

We should not think of the Past (because it is simply the past). Past is not here to frighten us. Our Past should serve us and should serve humanity. We must not allow to stay or to become the prisoners of our past.  We should not think of the Future  neither, because nothing is set. There are many variables out there. We all should focus on the Present and now, because the Present moment is what shapes the Future.

So let’s focus and let’s chose but do it fast. Time is passing very quickly and right now and here, time is precious.

It’s time to decide!

Written by Founder of TBU NEWS Željko Mihajlović

Best Regards

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