TBU NEWS Statement – It is time to stand Resolute

As promised two months ago TBU NEWS has focused mainly on Twitter and YouTube channel and after some time it has proven to be a right decision. In time to come TBU NEWS will continue to do the same and will broaden the focus on its entire infrastructure to make it more effective and widely recognised. That includes TBU NEWS web site, Facebook page, Youtube channel Twitter .etc

Also TBU NEWS has an important announcement, our former editor in chief Zeljko Mihajlovic is again with TBU NEWS eager to contribute in these turbulent times. Two months ago he left TBU NEWS due to private matters that needed his attention. Now, Zeljko is here again with us, with TBU NEWS and with all of you to fight to share and to contribute. Zeljko has worked on TBU NEWS for almost five years and without him TBU NEWS would not be what it is today. Zeljko is the founder of TBU NEWS and will be of great assistance to TBU NEWS. Timothy Greenspan will stay with TBU NEWS as editor. His work and dedication in these two months has been of great value.

“These are troubling times. These are the times of deception, division and distortion. But these are times of change also. Change that can not be stoped. Change that will penetrate every part of Human Society more and more each day that passes by.We all need to fight for it, for our soul, for our freedom and for our right to be heard. There is no moving back. It is time to stand Resolute!”

Zeljko Mihajlovic

In days to come TBU NEWS will continue  in Exposing the “Dreamland” that is surrounding us.

TBU NEWS will continue to be Objective and Inspiring

Best Regards