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Moving Forward


My name is Zeljko I am an editor at TBU NEWS. I will use this occasion to explain what TBU NEWS stands for, what are the challenges that it goes trough, what are the plans for its future. I will also present to you some changes in TBU NEWS  copyright and fair use policies and  financial policies. The last but not least, on behalf of TBU NEWS I will announce a new project called “Voice”.

Lets start from beginning.

Goals and what it stands for

TBU NEWS name came from a slogan (The Truth Behind Us). The Truth truly lies behind us. Behind me. Behind you. It lies behind every our move, our decision and choice that we have made. It lies behind our words, our actions our deeds. It lies in our thoughts and emotions. It lies in our consciousness and our awareness. It lies in our free will. It is around us and inside of us. The present moment is a moment that exist only now. When a single second passes by that moment becomes history. One lesson more. One truth behind us. History can be our greatest teacher of all but as we can see it we are not good pupils at all. We are constantly failing the test of History and ruining in circles all the time. It is time to stop that. It is time to move forward.

TBU NEWS is about truth, objectiveness and fairness. It is about the future, to show you  and to inspire you to see that there is always a different way, a better way for each one of us. Better way for humanity itself.

On TBU (the truth behind us) NEWS  – international you will be able to find news, articles, videos, photos related to different topics: news and politics, science and technology, economy and daily life, humanity and society, earth and natural cycles, unknown and beyond … You will be able to publish your own articles as well as those you find in relation to these topics. You can contribute by posting your own experiences, current events, articles, videos and photos that you are interested in. Coming from your country or from whatever place you come from. Just send us the info at [email protected]  Your privacy and anonymity is guaranteed. You will be able to track events that take place worldwide.

All in one place.

NO comments and no interaction of any kind on published article’s are allowed. Why ? Because these information that you read on TBU NEWS are for you to read and later for only you to decide what to think about them. Without any external influence whatsoever. Should you take them for granted or not? Should you research more or not? It’s up to you! Interactions are allowed on TBU NEWS –YouTube channel and on TBU NEWS –Facebook page.

TBU NEWS is going to try to answer at any question asked and sent to TBU NEWS as a comment, by an email .etc For this purpose you can use [email protected] Your privacy and anonymity is guaranteed. TBU NEWS does not and will not collect any  private info and will not share any of it to anybody without explicit written permission to do so. Anonymity of sources are guaranteed in full.

TBU NEWS shall try to give you a choice with more points to research from. Several different angles of opinion and we will be objective as much as we can.

TBU NEWS is the place where you can read an Objective and Inspiring news.

History and challenges along the way 

TBU NEWS has been founded on 16.12.2011 by myself due to my interests in these topics of global importance. The first TBU NEWS web site has been  https://thetruthbehindus.wordpress.com/. It still exists today but only as a reminder of this almost 5 year long road. TBU NEWS has changed a lot during this time but it never betrayed and will not betray its principals that it stands for. TBU NEWS will not betray those principals as long as I have any oxygen left in my lungs. I promise you that.

During this road TBU NEWS faced many challenges. It has been hacked, ddos-ed, banned, spammed and criticized. Only in last 30 days TBU NEWS had more than 15,000 thousand malicious attempts on web site alone. Once there was a You Tube channel called Zeljko Mihajlovic and it had almost 2 million views and many subscribers but it was shut down in one night and terminated completely.

TBU NEWS faced and is facing from time to time financial obstacles, obstacles in capacity and lack in man power. As you can see TBU NEWS is not a financial media giant. No not at all. TBU NEWS is and has been an unprofitable media and publishing service. Everything that TBU NEWS earns trough YouTube, through commercials and donations it spends on TBU NEWS and on its development and improvement. What it earns is what it spends. No personal gain whatsoever. Maybe only one coffee to drink, one movie to look or one cake to eat. Believe me it is the truth. It is the fact.

From time to time I have personally faced and I am facing obstacles of various kinds but I survived and endured.  I must say that i have lost a lot during this process. During this road. Freedom  Truth and Knowledge do not always come for free. But i am not complaining, this was and is my choice and also i like to think that I gained a lot nevertheless the loss. I can promise you one thing . I will continue to endure further. TBU NEWS will continue to endure. These are the times in which we all need to endure and contribute. We should all fight for our future and for our children’s future. No excuse excepted.

Nevertheless these obstacles that we came upon  TBU NEWS has managed to grow and to expand slowly but firmly and with resolve.

Present time and where it stands

Right now according to latest statistics TBU NEWS (in total) has approximately 363,000 to 410,000 thousand visitations on a monthly basis coming throughout all of the TBU NEWS capacities worldwide (web site, YouTube, Facebook .etc). TBU NEWS YouTube channel  has  19,719 subscribers, 75,000 to 110,000 thousand views on monthly basis and  more then 2,000,000 millions views  (in total) worldwide. Facebook more than 5,000 thousand followers  with approximate 60,000 thousand people engaging on monthly basis. Google+ 248,782 views of TBU NEWS content (so far from 2011 till 2016) .etc… So TBU NEWS is slowly but constantly gaining ground! The good part is that you do not need to subscribe, follow, and like anything for you to be able to reach TBU NEWS content. Everything is Free and Open!

Maybe some people would say that the world is big and that these numbers are not quite big. Yes i agree but have in mind that TBU NEWS is not a commercial media giant neither it has unlimited financial resources. Topics that TBU NEWS do research are not so  commercial and ordinary. All in all it is a quite of achievement and I am very proud of it.

Right now TBU NEWS has some great partners and one of them which i will mention is Google (with YouTube). Great partnership and great assistance and advice coming from guys from Google. Must mention and give much credit to TBU NEWS hosting company for their wonderful technical solution and platform on which TBU NEWS stands that by the way works flawlessly. Much credit to my hosting company technical support and their 24/7 approach, fast problem resolution, technical expertise and advice. I need to mention Facebook, Cloudflare and many more. Great job!

TBU NEWS has good relationship and cooperation with some major web sites / portals / bloggers / world wide.

But the most important partner of all that TBU NEWS owns much of the gratitude towards is you, the People!
Without you  there will be no TBU NEWS! Without you TBU NEWS would not come so far!
Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart! Thank you!

TBU NEWS new Copyright and Fair Use Policy

TBU NEWS (The Truth Behind Us) –  is a research and news project, including collecting, arranging, and analyzing news items that seem to best reflect the actual state on the global and local stage. On TBU (the truth behind us) NEWS  – international you will be able to find news, articles, videos, photos related to different topics: news and politics, science and technology, economy and daily life, humanity and society, earth and natural cycles, unknown and beyond … TBU NEWS is about truth, objectiveness and fairness. It is about the future, to show you  and to inspire you to see that there is always a different way, a better way for each one of us. Better way for humanity itself. TBU NEWS provides independent news, research and analysis on matters of public interest and concern. TBU NEWS is not commercial in nature and if does earn any profit it does it mainly from grants, donations, and by and from promoting its (online) content to large world wide audience respecting monetization policies of service’s that it uses. Profit earned is used only for purposes of promoting TBU NEWS goals and objectives truth, objectiveness and fairness mainly to invoke criticism, to inform to educate .etc TBU NEWS makes its news and research available for free to the public and world at large without requirement of subscription or product purchase.

TBU NEWS contains copyrighted material, the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. TBU NEWS makes such material available in an effort to advance understanding of environmental, political, human rights, economic, scientific, sociological, social justice issues, etc.

U.S. Law

Pursuant to the U.S. Copyright Act as amended, the rights granted by copyright are limited by the doctrine of fair use as codified at 17 U.S. Code Section 107, including use for criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research, all of which are germane to the fair use by TBU NEWS

The fair-use factors of Section 107 weigh substantially in favor of fair use by TBU NEWS including “the purpose and character of the use, including whether such use is of commercial nature [here, no] or is for nonprofit educational purposes” [here, yes]; the nature of the copyrighted work and the amount and substantiality of the portion used in relation to the copyrighted work as a whole, and “the effect of the use upon the potential market for, or value of, the copyrighted work” [no effect, as TBU NEWS is neither selling the work in question nor reproducing it in any tangible format or other medium by which it is either being sold by others or satisfying any end-user demand, if any, for such content.]

EU Law

Big US companies operating in Europe will be subject to EU law rather than American court orders under the new rules.

As regards the use of copyrighted material within the European Union. The European Directive 2001/29/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 22 May 2001 on the harmonisation of certain aspects of copyright and related rights in the information society provides in its art. 5 an exhaustive list of exemptions that can be implemented by the Member States.

Amongst that list, the exemption(s) invoked must cover the reproduction and communication to the public (since the publication on the Internet implies those two acts). Generally, exemptions will be based on the purpose of the intended use. For instance, the Directive provides for an exemption to the exclusive right of reproduction and communication to the public when it is made for the sole purpose of illustration for teaching or scientific research, as long as the source, including the author’s name, is indicated, unless this turns out to be impossible and to the extent justified by the non-commercial purpose to be achieved.

Another exemption is “reproduction by the press, communication to the public or making available of published articles on current economic, political or religious topics or of broadcast works or other subject-matter of the same character, in cases where such use is not expressly reserved, and as long as the source, including the author’s name, is indicated, or use of works or other subject-matter in connection with the reporting of current events, to the extent justified by the informatory purpose and as long as the source, including the author’s name, is indicated, unless this turns out to be impossible”.

All the exceptions must comply with the three step test which imply that exemptions must only apply in certain special cases (1) which do not conflict with a normal exploitation of the work or other subject-matter (2) and do not unreasonably prejudice the legitimate interests of the rightholder (3).

Use of Copyrighted Material by a 3rd Party

If you wish to use copyrighted material from any of TBU NEWS web sites for purposes that go beyond “Fair Use” as outlined above, you must obtain permission from the original copyright owner.

The absence of accurate copyright information on any image or other content on TBU NEWS does not necessarily mean that said work is original content by TBU NEWS as quite often the content we reproduce from other sources is either missing copyright information or has been incorrectly attributed.

Articles , videos, images used  by TBU NEWS are going to be properly adressed, credited, linked, pointed .etc whenever such option and information is possible to do and provide.

Original content on TBU NEWS or that originates from TBU NEWS (signed) is copyrighted by TBU NEWS. You may re-use or re-distribute such content provided that:

  • such use is not for commercial purposes
  • such use falls under Fair Use as defined above
  • you cite TBU NEWS as the source of such content and provide an active link back to the originating page on TBU NEWS web site where possible, or an active link back to our homepage (https://www.konkretno.me) otherwise.

Copyright Complaints

Complaints regarding copyright infringement can be sent to TBU NEWS to this email adress:

[email protected] (this email adress is going to be put in function in couple of days untill then you can send it to [email protected]

Financial policies

Soon TBU NEWS will place the donation option for TBU NEWS. You will be able to donate to TBU NEWS and its cause in amount whichever you deem fit. TBU NEWS needs support as any non commercial media does. Bitcoin is going to be the main method through which you will be able to donate to TBU NEWS. Bitcoin is a transparent and a secure method to donate money to someone. Other methods to donate to TBU NEWS will be available too, the only thing that you would need to do is to get in touch with TBU NEWS by an email [email protected] and TBU NEWS will provide you with any available alternative method that we could provide to you. This email adress is going to be made active very soon in meantime you can send us your request by [email protected]

Project “VOICE”

Lighthouse in Storm Image by John Lund/Corbis

Lighthouse in Storm Image by John Lund/Corbis

TBU NEWS is here because of you! TBU NEWS does share  Objective and Inspiring info but it has decided to make one step further. TBU NEWS is going to share its capacities with you. World wide and for FREE.

Every single person or organisation in the world can join TBU NEWS in It’s efforts to fight for our future. If you have something to say that you think it matters. Please do so! TBU NEWS invites you to do it! TBU NEWS is going to help! TBU NEWS is going to stand by you!

TBU NEWS is covering as much as it can but it does not have the capabilities to cover everything. No one does. So for your voice to be heard around the world TBU NEWS has decided to create “Project Voice”. Project Voice is a place within TBU NEWS that will give people an option to share their thoughts, stories, info, news, .etc. You will get you page within TBU NEWS. You will get security, technical support, privacy and promotion. Evrything for Free. Your job is going to be only one, to write and to fight!

More details coming soon…If you want to apply or ask a question about “Project Voice” please do so by email at: [email protected]

For people:

Please enter your Name and Last name and email adress, your topic that you would reaserch and write about. Nick name that you would like to use. Optional: phone number.

(your private data will not be collected or shared in any way). Anonymity is guaranteed.

For organizations:

Name of your org / company, field of interest, topic that you would like to reaserch and write about. Nickname that you would like to use. Required: phone number. Optional: web site

(your private data will not be collected or shared in any way). Anonymity is guaranteed.

Join us 

Best Regards


The Truth Behind Us
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