TBU NEWS Statement – First Million and we will continue to inspire further

Hi to everybody , today early in the morning TBU NEWS YouTube channel has managed to break its threshold by achieving its first 1,000,000 million views  and I must say that I am very happy about it and TBU NEWS thanks you all for visiting and sharing its content.

Before the future comes the past.

TBU NEWS You Tube has been created on 24 of May 2014 with its first video  Voyager  published on 22 of August 2014 and with only 32 videos published so far it managed in only one year to get 1,000,000 views and as statistics for October and November of 2015 shows TBU NEWS has achieved to get 90,000 monthly views. I must give you one more stunning number that i was able to get from Google YouTube statistic: TBU NEWS has achieved so far  in WATCH TIME (MINUTES) 27,526,894 million minutes so people that has watched TBU NEWS YouTube has spent 52 years and 123 days with TBU NEWS in one breath watching its content. And for last but not least important TBU NEWS YouTube channel has 11,320 subscribers.

Watch the first video “Voyager”

So thank you all and thanks for staying, watching, commenting and criticizing TBU NEWS and its content. Thank you for everything.

You may think that this is not a lot, that TBU NEWS could gave much more, maybe it is true but this has being as much as one person can do and i will continue to do it until i have breath in my lungs. Yes one person. And you can imagine how much time, efforts and work this requires and to keep in mind that i am also a human being with family, work, obligations etc so just try to imagine, So i am very satisfied and happy about it. Also i must mention and  must give thanks to many that helped and are helping TBU NEWS in one way or another with concrete help and advice, i will not mention anybody i just want to thank them all and they will know who they are. Also i must give thanks to my whole family my wife and my daughters for giving me support and sanctuary a HOME for my mind to grow and develop. Also i give thanks to my friends. And everybody that surrounds me for giving me the inspiration to write , publish and not to give up. And at the end but not least important I give much thanks to (god, energy cosmos, eternal vibration, Allah, Buddha etc etc.) however you are calling it, it doesn’t  matter i call it universe. So thank you.

We are all ONE and that is mine and TBU NEWS perspective on this topic.

Also bear in mind that TBU NEWS doesn’t have videos and articles that are appealing to great masses NO its purpose its not to entertain people or to talk about celebrities or to amuse you or to be in trend in whatever way NO NEVER has done that and certainly it is not doing it now and it is not its purpose. So you will not see videos with million of views etc because TBU NEWS purpose its not to amuse you. Its purpose is to give new perspective to things , to start criticism, to bring light , to support free thought and free will , to be objective to inform, to inspire and to give you many options from different angles from which you can chose. Because the seek for truth has many roads and we have the right to chose. Right for freedom and to be free in our actions and believes. IT is our birthright and our soul right. The main goal of TBU NEWS is its vision, a vision  to inspire peoples mind and soul to make them question, to make them ask others and themselves to breath the air of freedom or decide not to. TBU NEWS is not telling people that we have the truth and light and that TBU NEWS is truth and light NO never it is up to you to decide in what to believe or not, it is up to you to decide and to chose, it is our birth right freedom of choice and free will.  TBU NEWS doesn’t have the copyright on truth but TBU NEWS is, lets call it a tool of truth or a tool of inspiration.

Also TBU NEWS is media and publishing in its core but due to reasons that i have mentioned in this article for now things are as they are but they are going to develop in time.

I must quote a favorite comment that one follower said:

TBU NEWS: “Thanks for following us Best Regards TBU NEWS”

Reader: “I would not call it following but a place where i come back for inspiration”

TBU NEWS: “Good ,you made a right point that is what exactly TBU NEWS represents”.

Lets talk about TBU NEWS and not only about you tube channel. TBU NEWS has started its work almost 4 years before first as a you tube channel that does not exists any more and had many many views and subscribers. That channel doesn’t exits anymore but thank you everyone for everything.

Then not long after that TBU NEWS predecessor came and it was The Truth Behind Us –  https://tbunews.com great time spent there and it still exits as a reminder and an archive as a part of history of TBU NEWS.

In mean time TBU NEWS has evolved:

TBU NEWS (end of the year statement) – “Sorry but we are evolving and we will continue to evolve further”

TBU NEWS – The truth behind us and a new beginning


And not long ago TBU NEWS has become what is today:
and it evolved further.
TBU NEWS STATEMENT – PEOPLE VOICE DOES MATTER  and it will continue to evolve  even further with help of others and your support. I know that TBU NEWS is slow but in time and eventually it is going to deliver everything said.
TBU NEWS has in mind the privacy of its readers so bear in mind that TBU NEWS has premium security and that TBU NEWS is not collecting any data from its visitors we have https protocol and  ssl embedded in our web site and other security and privacy options so when you visit TBU NEWS your privacy is guaranteed and nobody is collecting your data so nobody will now what are you visiting or reading at TBU NEWS also TBU NEWS is not giving its log in statistic to nobody no government agency NOBODY. So you can freely surf on TBU NEWS and completely private. In the future TBU NEWS is going to enable more security and privacy option  and harden the existing ones like https encryption but it needs some work done and I will do my best because it is one of people basic human rights a right for privacy and to feel comfortable. It is not bulletproof but lets make the day of it.
So lets go back to TBU NEWS YouTube channel and its 1,000,000 birthday and for more birthdays to come as TBU NEWS YouTube or TBU NEWS in complete  🙂
Written by Founder of TBU NEWS Zeljko Mihajlovic
Thanks and Best Regards with love truth and light