Life is Love

Life has no opposite, no other.  It is infinite and therefore, unknowable. No belief, no perspective, no idea could possibly be equal to Truth/Reality/Light. Our ideas and beliefs are a part of Life and will never be equal to it, no matter what the Fundamentalists or Scientists say. This may seem depressing and morbid, but it is actually fabulous news because it places all perspectives and philosophies on the same level as finite, limited perspectives.  We will never stop making surprising discoveries about the Universe but this does not mean that the Unknowable will one day be known.  It means that our curiosity will always be fed an overwhelming amount of Wonder and Mystery.  The Question is not, How can I know and therefore gain control of Life, but What is my relationship with Life?  Am I contracted and collapsed upon my self idea?  Or, Am I in love and trust, surrendered emotionally, to Life?

Einstein said that Wonder and Imagination is senior to Knowledge.  We are living in and AS a Great Wonder, an Infinite Mystery, a Cosmic Punchline that literally cracks you up.  Are you willing to be undone and penetrated and illuminated by the Great Wonder of Existence?  Or, Are you content to cling to your little row boat and stay near the shore?

In either case, you are embedded in the Infinite Grace and Throbbing Potential of the White Hot Current of Life.  This is your actual Situation.  You were born without a clue and you are living in a Most Surprising Circumstance that is inherently blissful, ecstatic, and Enjoyable.  You have no idea what anything actually IS, you only have a name or an explanation.  However, the name is not identical with the thing named.  “Table” is a word, but what is that thing in your living room, really? How could it possibly exist?  We say God made it or the Big bang exploded it into existence, but that doesn’t solve the Mystery, it only ratchets it back a notch.  The Mystery remains.

Our self image produces our ideas about God.  Enlightenment is the Prior Condition that exists before the self image is formed and obscures it.  When you look in a mirror, do you identify with your reflection, or with the Aliveness which is looking at the reflection?

“There is neither one God or many Gods.  There is only God.  All the one and many Gods are idols of That Which is God”  Adi Da

 Authentic human life is the result of establishing heartfelt Intimacy with this Great Mystery, the Wonder of Existence, the Galactic Person of Love and Truth.

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