Pure Science

People tend not to believe in unnatural things because they named ti unnatural for centuries and there is a lot of fear around them. But,  there is nothing unnatural about it and some of those things are as natural as possible and the part of the universe and its existence from the beginning to this moment. It will pass some time before science and scientists discover this, better to say understand and expect new knowledge. The New Knowledge – Science seen as many branches of the same tree. Until that time comes we will strive into the “darkness”. But time will come its inevitable. We can try to slow it a bit and maybe succeed but eventually it will come and that is the only thing that we can not and will not stop. The light / knowledge is the greatest “power” in the universe and there is nothing wrong in that. Only thing that matters is misuses of that “power” or right use of it. But nevertheless every choice is a legitimate one. We have the right to chose and we have our own free will.

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