Power of thought – Distortion against the Absolute – Fight it or change it ? Is it the same ?

Fighting against the “universe” or natural order of things will never succeed. It will only led you to your own downfall. And why is that ? Because there is one thing that people forget often, very very often. We have only accumulated the wisdom from our evolutionary process in last couple of thousands of years and the universe has accumulated the “wisdom” from the millennia and millennia of evolution and its own existence.Collective consciousness of everything.

So what are the odds for someone to be victorious in this fight against the “universe” itself. None whats over. None. Distortion always remains distortion it will never become absolute. If you fight the distortion you will become one. You don’t have to fight it just change it.

So stop fighting impossible war and enjoy the balance and harmony. Never lie, do not lie not even the “white” ones. If you don’t want to say something just don’t say it. There is no need for lies. And never lie that you are ill or something like that because you are inviting “universe” in wrong way. And if you decide to forgive you have to do it in a right way. You have to forgive and forget. (ForGive to ForGet) visit the link.Stay positive, focused and true to yourself it is very important. Because thought is creative and we are always creating our own reality.

That is how things are meant to be and that is how we should perceive reality.

NASA – Helix Nebula

Best Regards