Podgorica – Last night the main capital of Montenegro has been struck by highest temperture ever recorded in 60 years. The last time that these temperatures where so high in night conditions was recorded in 1949.

Minimal temperature recorded last night in Podgorica was 31 C’ Celsius degree.

 During the day temperatures are going and are going to go from 42 C’ Celsius degree and higher for whole week. That is the official information that was given to press by Montenegrin Hydro Meteorological Institute.

 Government of Montenegro has not yet declared the state of emergency but has issued the red alarm for tropical heat weather conditions.

Authorities in the Balkan countries say people have been collapsing on the streets amid a heat wave that have seen temperatures in the region reach 40 Celsius (104 Fahrenheit).

The high temperatures began to rise over the weekend and peaked on Monday. No casualties were reported but authorities said hundreds of people were treated for dehydration in Bosnia, Romania, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro and Hungary.

Southern Bosnia was also hit by several forest fires, including one near the small village Medjugorje, which is a popular Catholic pilgrimage site.

Public swimming pools in the Hungarian capital Budapest have extended their working hours into the night and water trucks have been spraying tram tracks to prevent them from warping.

In Belgrade, authorities parked trucks with water tanks throughout the city.

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