Have you ever been drawn to a certain era, culture, religion, or even another country and ask yourself why? Do you wonder why you have such a strong bond or connection with someone you have just met? Have you traveled to another country and feel like you have been there before when this was your first time? It’s like déjà vu.

Past life is a voyage of discovery into our soul’s previous incarnations, aka akashic records. The more we understand who we were in our past life will give us a better understanding of why we are truly here. Even the month we are currently born in represents the last month in which we died in our previous life.

Past lives, Akashic records and karma have a huge impact on our present life. We are all deeply affected emotionally and physically known in our cellular memory. Cellular memory carries forward all of our experiences in our body. Our conscious minds and bodies are constantly reacting not only to all the input from this life, but also from within our soul’s previous lives. Even our birthmarks represent where we had an illness from and or died in our past life. It’s like a scar being carried over.

Akashic records are a ancient mystical metaphorical event, which goes back to the beginning of theosophy, the beginning of time, looking back into the “library” to see what karmic debts need to be resolved and cleared.

Clearing karmic debts is a profound experience. You will go through ups and downs with your emotions: joy, depression, feeling alone, etc. These are all signs that you are healing and moving forward, changing your karma. You will have pressure from family, friends, relationships, co-workers, etc. while making radical life changes when you are ending past karmic debts that no longer serve your higher purpose.


The strength has to come from within in order to have a transformational breakthrough as you learn more about your past lives, akashic records and karma. People will try and pull you off of your new spiritual path because it will be difficult for others to come to terms with and accept the path you are on. Do not allow anyone to tell you who you are and how to live your life. You must be true to your own self and listen to your own truth.

When you have cleared your karmic debts, your inner light and vibration will increase and you will feel many weights lifting off of your shoulders. We all have our own path to follow. Do what feels right for you. Like I always say to myself “The Fearless Warrior Walks Forward Fearlessly.

Action-reaction, energy and karmic debt
It is said that all the action-reaction-responses that we experience in life are from the force our karmic debt accumulations (karma quotient). These are said to include the results of all activities that one does in any state, whether in knowledge, ignorance, or by chance, accident or otherwise. In other words all work, activity or energy debts are karmic (action) debts.

This necessarily means that to balance out the accumulations of action-reaction, the individual consciousness needs to ‘re-incarnate’ since the results of the actions cannot balance out in one lifetime. Scientific proof of reincarnation is detailed in this article. (Opens new window.)

At first sight such a premise about the force of stored results of action might appear far-fetched. Before we go further in this examination, it would be interesting to see how scientists observe the behavior of forces that operate in the physically observable universe.

 The physics of action-reaction
One of the greatest multi-disciplinary scientific geniuses of all time, the 17th century British scientist, Sir Isaac Newton, made fundamental discoveries about the functioning of the universe. He was the Lucasian Professor of Mathematics Chair for thirty three years at the university of Cambridge, England.

Newton got a revelation as he observed an apple falling from a tree. Considering this act of the apple falling led him to discover the force of gravity, through which he explained the movements of objects including those of the heavenly bodies. He set out the explanation of this in his three laws of motion.

Over two hundred years of observation and experiment confirm Newton’s three laws of motion.

The physics of universal motion
Newton’s first two laws state that objects continue in their state of movement or no movement unless acted upon by a more powerful force, and that motion has a tendency to continue in its existing direction in perpetuity unless acted upon by a more powerful force. The third law of motion states that, for every action, there is an equal (in size) and opposite (in direction) reaction.

Action-reaction force pairs (which are ‘forces’) make it possible for birds to fly, for us to walk, and for the earth to orbit the sun and for the moon to orbit the earth.

If you would like to get a visual idea of Newtonian physics, you can take a field trip out to explore this fun to see YouTube video demonstrating Newton’s Laws (opens new window).

The Physics of human action and interaction
This is also the law that applies to the movement of human action and interaction over time: Things continue to happen in a particular direction, or we tend to act in a particular way, unless greater force induces us to act differently, and this leads to action-reaction cycle continuing endlessly–in perpetuity. And, whatever we do, has an equal and opposite reaction, or in conversational idiom: what goes around comes around. This is ‘karmic debt’ to be collected or paid off in due time.

The Physics of karma
This need for balancing of the karmic debt is how the ‘karma credit twins’ appear in our lives. We label these reactions and responses to our activities as ‘good’ karma or ‘bad’ karma, depending upon what we think is good or bad for us. We have been introduced to and studied the Karma Credit (KC) twins (opens new window) in our karma family earlier.

We have previously established in the proof of reincarnation articles that our perpetually existing I-consciousness (I-con) continues moving in many changing bodies, without changing it’s essential nature. Each one of us has had this personal experience.

Energy Debt is Karmic Debt

The owings or outstanding balance of action constitutes the energy of karmic debt to be made up.

As this process of karmic exchange and balancing movement acquires debits and credits, unless permanently resolved, our continued presence in the material universe is required even after our existing body stops functioning. In the process of this movement in time and space and changing bodies, energy to be given off and energy to be gathered creates a build up of an ‘action’ energy debt or ‘karmic debt’.

The eternally existing I-con is in motion in material bodies that are subservient to the laws of the universe such as gravity, and the laws of motion. The intelligent directing principle of the I-con, being responsible for interactive actions in the course of its progress in the material body attracts ‘equal and opposite reaction’.

These forces stay with the I-con in its progressions through time and the many bodies that it travels through. This is because karmic energy is not seen to be destroyed merely because the body ends.

The Physics of continued existence
As our bodies have a limited existence potential, but our I-consciousness (I-con) particle does not, the I-con necessarily needs to take on fresh bodies in order to act in harmony with the laws of motion. It is constantly seeking a balancing or harmonizing of forces that it has attracted to itself in the course of its movement.

  • As material time does not limit the continuity of the perpetual I-con, rebirth or reincarnation is inevitable.
  • Therefore the individual consciousness particle takes on fresh bodies best suited to balance the remainder of its karma. This means that after leaving one bodily form the I-con is transferred to the most suitable body for it. This is the movement of the individual I-con through the tunnels of time and space
  • This is the perpetual motion action-reaction or karmic debt law of karma as we all experience it in our own lives on a daily basis. The proof for reincarnation is here.

The Law of Destiny

The law of destiny determines what forces influence our lives to ensure we encounter the life experiences that we require for our continued development. Destiny is essentially a series of opportunities that enable us to learn lessons, acquire new abilities, develop our consciousness and help others.

Destiny is commonly regarded as fate; a fixed timeline of events that is inevitable and unchangeable. Although the words are often used interchangeably, fate and destiny have quite different meanings:

  • Fate is usually seen as “set in stone” and often has negative connotations, e.g. the jury decided his fate. Fate is an agent that predetermines and orders the course of events. It means that events are “meant to be” and are set in motion by an external force or intelligence.
  • Destiny is more of a likely outcome and often has a positive feel, e.g. he is destined to become a star. Destiny guides us towards a specific goal, but without our wilful participation we will not achieve our destiny.

Put simply: destiny is opportunity and fate is karma. We are in control of our destiny but have no control over our fate. Destiny cannot be forced on us; if we are forced then it is our fate. Destiny gives us an opportunity to turn a situation to our advantage and accomplish something great through our own efforts. It is designed to give us the best opportunities for the development of our consciousness, but it is only an outline – not an exact script. It doesn’t detract from our free-will in any way, because we decide exactly how we want to act in any situation.

The basic outline for our life was planned (pre-destined) before we were born to give us the right opportunities for growth. But we don’t have to follow the pre-destined route if we don’t want to. A life plan can be compared to a maze, and our life’s purpose is to complete the maze. We don’t know where we are going or where we will end up, so all we can do is make our way through life using our best judgment. Every wrong turn leads to a dead end and every correct turn leads to progress. A correct turn may not correspond to success in the physical sense, for example: failing to get a promotion may not seem like the best outcome from a financial perspective, but it might actually be the best outcome for the development of your consciousness. We all occasionally make what appear to be bad decisions, but if we learn from those seemingly wrong decisions we eventually discover that they were in fact right decisions. If we deviate from our life’s plan we may need to be coaxed back on to the right track, and the further we stray from the optimal path the harder the lessons get. Every choice we make affects our future and therefore our destiny. Right now we are experiencing the destiny (and the karma) that arose from choices we made in the past.

Collective human destiny is largely decided by the planetary hierarchy, especially the Manu and the Maha-Chohan. Individual human destiny is largely decided by our guardian angels, who stand-in for our higher selves (2nd triads or souls) until we become fully conscious and enter the fifth kingdom. The more evolved we are the more input we have in deciding our destiny, and the more important it becomes to our development. Our guardian angels can only guide our destiny to the extent that we allow them. The sensible option is to give them complete control because they are far more advanced than we are and they know what is best for us, but most people are egotistical and think they know better. Mankind is not developed enough to determine its own destiny – that much is evident from the state of the world today.

Henry T Laurency wrote in The Knowledge of Reality: “The great cosmic evolution does not work according to a predetermined plan. Only the final goal is laid down: all monads acquiring omniscience about the whole cosmos… The evolution itself creates the conditions and possibilities of its growth. These conditions, however, depend on the individual character of every being, from atoms to planets, solar systems, etc… The past thereby limits the possibilities of the future. A rigid plan would set aside the law of freedom, according to which every monad has the right to the freedom (depending on insight and ability) it has once acquired and continues to apply lawfully. Evolution feels its way forward along every conceivable path in order to find the one most purposeful for each and all.”

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