Jovan Aleksic – “Grande Amore” (Great Love) – Closer to fulfill his dream – exclusive statement to TBU NEWS -(GIVE SUPPORT AND VOTE)

Update info 5 – of July 2015 – 

Jovan Aleksic did not win on this contest but he achieved his dream he shined as a star and he will continue to shine as one. TBU NEWS is great-full for his talent and show that he gave to us. Thank you Jovan and Congratulations. Also we must congratulate Marija Serdar the winner of this contest and her beautiful voice. TBU NEWS and everyone that supported Jovan Aleksic has only one word to say to you Jovan.  CONTINUE.

Best Regards

Update info 27 – of June 2015

Jovan Aleksic has achieved one more victory. This 12-year boy managed to enter in the “Super Finals” of this music contest and for one more time he will try to make his dream become reality. There is one more show, one more night “Super Finals” and Jovan will perform on 3 of July 2015  and as we all hope he will do as best as he can and achieve his goal on which path he gave us and showed us his talent,  great performance, and much much more. This time Jovan performed Uptown Funk  by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars. 


So stay with Jovan give support and VOTE. (Voting will be accepted until 3 of July 2015 ).

TBU NEWS has wrote once about Jovan Aleksic and you all know that he was fighting for his childhood dream to become a reality and now he is closer to achieve his goal than ever.
This Friday Jovan Aleksic managed to go directly to the finals of Pink Tv music contest  that he is a contestant of. Jovan performed an Italian song from a famous Italian operatic pop trio IL Volo called “Grande Amore”. Il Volo performed the song for the first time during the 65th Sanremo Music Festival on 11 February 2015. During the final night of the song contest, held on 14 February 2015, “Grande amore” finished in first place.

Jovan Aleksic as 12-year old boy managed to perform this song amazingly and he dazzled the audience, jury and all TV viewers with his voice, style and performance. When you listen an look at that performance you have a sense that you are listening a grown and a professional singer not a 12-year old boy. He succeeded in giving us a flavor of italian bravura and style and at one moment we all felt that we are looking an hearing Sanremo again. Jovan Aleksic has shown us once again how “Grande Amore” (Great Love) he has towards music and his childhood dream to become reality.

But let’s not write a lot about it and lets enjoy at  Jovan’s  great performance of “Grande Amore” and you can all judge by yourself:


As you all know TBU NEWS and its thematic is a quite different but nevertheless Jovan Aleksic and an article that TBU NEWS published about him (visit the link – Jovan Aleksic has a dream – Lets give support for this child dream to become a reality) managed in just few days to get more than 10,000 thousands readings also we must mention that this supportive article was republished (with the TBU NEWS consent) by almost all the media and portals, from Montenegro , Serbia and rest from that part of eastern Europe.Social networks where included also etc.

So we were inclined to try to contact Jovan Aleksic officially and managed to get his exclusive statement to all of us and to TBU NEWS readers and this is what he said:

Jovan Aleksic“Thanks to TBU NEWS readers and all of you from Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia Slovenia and rest of the countries that give me support, follow what I do and to everyone that has voted for me. I will try to do my best and try not to let you down. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart and I give love to all of you.

Jovan Aleksic

This statement was an honest stattment that only a 12 year old boy can give and we are amazed how Jovan is so simple, humble and a boy with good manners.

Here you can look at more performances from Jovan ALeksic and enjoy in his talent:


TBU NEWS is going to continue to give support and asks your support for this young and talented boy to achive his childhood dream and to shine as a little star in the universe of stars that we all are a part of.


Here it is how you can vote from supported countries that vote by sms is accepted:

Voting is prolonged until 3-of July 2015 due to the decision that came from TV station that broadcasts this show and to make one show more “Super Finals” on 3-of July 2015 )

Stay With Jovan give support and VOTE.

Sources used:

TBU NEWS has decided to give Jovan all the support that he need for free and we are not his sponsors in any way that one sponsor can be. TBU NEWS must emphasize this because due to the contest rules and rules of the TV station that broadcasts this contest. TBU NEWS is abiding all the international laws , freedom of speech and reporting. TBU NEWS is taking full legal responsibility for everything that is stated in this article to be truth and truthfully reported.

Best Regards Truth Light and Love

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