Healing for Those Who are Awake (video)

“There is no Ancient or Future Knowledge only Knowledge is Certainty”

This is something that was told to TBU NEWS couple of days ago. Interesting thought what do you think about it ?

Free Interpretation it does not need to be right or wrong so you make up your own mind but TBU NEWS stand is something like this:

Knowledge of Certainty or of the moment everything else are lessons, perception, experiences, tool’s or pieces of the puzzle. That drive us  and lead us to that moment of Certainty. So everything and everyone is connected ins some form or another and the story goes as an interrupted flow of energy of life. As a river. But everything depends from ourselves, our free will and our soul orientation. Balance is the right way.

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This video is specifically geared toward people who are “awake.” http://radiomysterium.com/

Standard psychology would not even enter this paradigm, so it will only make sense to people who have already popped out of the matrix. I hope it helps a few people along the way.

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