Distortion and moral fall

It is a common theme in some situations of life when other people attack other people or their opinions only to prove their loyalty to something or someone. Often just to provoke others to react in a “wrong” way.

There is a second scenario where some people tend to agree with others and their opinions. But in each case they do it to get something out of somebody for themselves. Sometimes people do it because they are just defending their wrong doing in front of others by justifying them selves to them selves. There are many, many good people and “beautiful souls” out there but we are not talking about them and those kind of situations. 

Lets continue, What does this kind of behavior tells us about the person behaving in this manner?
It tells us how big his or hers lack of power and degree of fear is!

The main question that we must ask ourselves is… What is the reason for that theme / situation to prevail and reoccur in human behaviour? Is this human nature or we are all instructed to behave like this? Instructed by the system and by the society itself to behave like animals. To behave like predators.
Lets name things properly and without any political correctness. Ladies and Gentlemen, This is just pure “Fear of Loss”. In this situation of “loyalty” fear is always pressed directly or indirectly from the center of “worship” whose degree of fear of loosing control is far, far more bigger than the attacker itself.

Can we call this “human behaviour”? Can we call it an honest human representation that simply shows us a true and high degree of loyalty to something or someone or it is just loyalty due to fear and need?

No, this is not human nature. This is loyalty based on fear and need that is destined to become Betrayal.

But we should not be desperate about it. Everything, every situation and everyone can change, there is no absolute. The only absolute is consciousness. Consciousness is perfect. Consciousness in it’s roots represents pure human connection to the divine. The source of everything.

Everything is relative

Everything else should be balance and harmony between heart and mind, between light and dark.

People should realize this and be very mindful of their choices because of the vast implications their deeds can do to them and to others.

Written by Founder of TBU NEWS Zeljko Mihajlovic

Best Regards

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