BREAKING NEWS – U.S. President Trump signs executive order on healthcare

President Donald J. Trump is taking executive action on health care and goes around stalled Congress as Congress fails to repeal ObamaCare.

Trump executive order aims to offer “alternatives” to ObamaCare plans and increase competition, bring down costs more choice and access to healthcare for millions of Americans.

According to FOX NEWS The plan requests the secretary of labor to expand access to “association health plans” – plans written by trade associations, small businesses and other groups. It allows consumers to go across state lines to purchase insurance that could be more affordable or tailored to a person’s needs.

The relaxed restrictions could allow AHPs to form through existing organizations or the creation of new groups, according to the White House. However, it wouldn’t allow these plans to base premiums off of pre-existing conditions.

The order also requests the easing of restrictions on short-term insurance policies – which aren’t subject to ObamaCare regulations.


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