2012 as a Diversion ? But a diversion from what ?

With the advent of the internet came the Information Age, where it has become possible to spread and find information about almost anything with unparalleled ease and convenience – information that, as little as a couple decades ago, would have been extremely difficult if not impossible for most people to obtain. More data than any one of us could ever assimilate is now at our fingertips, and news of most global events is available practically instantaneously. Where information is suppressed, it finds its way to the surface, sooner rather than later. We carry the internet around with us in super-powerful laptop computers and handheld devices, and culturally, in our everyday lives, we now spend more time online than not, whether for work or leisure.

Everything is plugged in! In a relatively short time-frame, our global society has become a vast network of information movers, like a giant brain network, processing and sharing data with our counterparts within this greater body of humanity. It’s no wonder our collective paradigm is shifting and it’s no wonder the deepest patterns of our subconscious/archetypal makeup – understood as ancient mystery teachings and prophecies, tales of power and spiritual allegories, epic adventure stories and legends of old – have emerged in the forefront of our consciousness, becoming compelling topics of interest.

Just do a Google search for “Dec. 21, 2012.” Never mind that it’s just another day in the calendar; with no more specific input than “Dec. 21, 2012″ in the search field, Google will return around 460 million sites about the End of the World such as Mayan prophecies, the return of Jesus, Collective Enlightenment theories, and the like. Yes,460 million! To put that number into perspective, that’s at least a 150 million morewebsites on this topic than there are US Citizens! This says something about what’s on people’s minds. Even a Google search for “porn” returns only 296 million results – which is a whole hell of a lot, to be sure, but still a far cry from End-Times prophecies and Collective Awakening theories. And this is just the Dec. 21, 2012 phenomenon we’re talking about, here; have a search for the “return of Jesus” and you get a whopping 524 million results! Search for “End-Times” and nearly 2 BILLION hits are returned (yes, that’s billion with a “B”)! And “apocalypse” will get you 102 million. That’s a total of over 3 billion results just from these 4 searches (not counting the “porn” of course)! And this count isn’t including searches for “Armageddon,” “Rapture,” “Doomsday,” “Judgement Day,” “Great Deluge,” or any number of other End-Time myths and terms. Never mind considering the quality and reliability of the content of these billions of websites, my point is that many people find these topics compelling or there wouldn’t be such a high demand for their proliferation in the network. And this means: THE TOPIC MATTERS – it is concerning to a lot of people!

So why so much interest in the end of the world? Are things really so bad that people just want the world to stop? Possibly. Does researching the end of the world happen to be an exceptionally popular hobby? Probably not. Does half the planet have a death-wish? I doubt it. What is abundantly clear just from a brief review of much of this material is that there are a lot of crack pots and hype-mongers out there, and much of the content on this topic is deliberate disinformation designed as social control/groupthink propaganda, intended to keep you either distracted from what is really going on or separating you from your money – you know, “before it’s too late!!!” (that little gem never seems to lose momentum). Nevertheless, the interest is definitely there, and the most likely reason for this, in my assessment is: We are all connected, to each other and to the cosmos, and those of us still registering a pulse know something is definitely going on! 

© © Sean Heavey, National Geographic
Image of a supercell storm.

It’s pretty darn obvious too when you check reliable news sources (what few of them exist) and review all the earth changes and extreme weather taking place in truly Biblical fashion, the enormous rise in violent and peculiar crimes, nonstop wars without reason, droughts and floods, inexplicable mass animal deaths all over the world, a huge influx of meteorite debris, inexplicable sinkholes, mysterious sounds issuing from the sky, unprecedented global protests and riots, exponential increases in poverty and unemployment, the overt militarization of police forces, unabashed media blackouts and propaganda, and let’s not forget a level of corruption in ourpathocratic governments and financial systems so shameless and blatant they may as well get “Team Oligarchy” T-shirts printed – I’m sure it’s already stitched into their underwear.

So it’s no wonder people are thinking that the end is nigh; it seems to be an inbuilt recognition that our collective strife will lead, ultimately, to a certain outcome that is described in the scores of End-Times prophecies that have been burned into our culture and collective unconscious, apparently since the dawn of humanity. Did so many similar End-Times prophecies simply come from an inborn curiosity as to what must be an implicit eventual outcome? What has a beginning must have an end, right? It’s only natural to raise the question if one thinks a little: if we are here, that must mean we were created somehow, and if that be the case, there must be some time in the future when we will no longer exist. But while we’re at it, let’s postulate that only the bad guys get what’s coming to them and the good guys – “the elect”, “the chosen ones” – get to live on in a renewed paradise, right? Or is it something more; something deeper?

Could it be that the ubiquitous presence of End-Times motifs throughout history and their uncanny similarities is actually the product of a greater archetypical platform for human existence – a kind of Matrix, if you will? What do I mean? Allow me to rephrase: Could it be that End-Times motifs are as innate to existing at a certain level of consciousness as our inbuilt ontology and self-awareness, our deep-seated psychological associations with our mother, our hardwired preoccupation with survival, with conflict, with love, with sex? Could it be that End-Times prophecies are not a product of human thinking, but that human thinking is a product of an archetypical construct embedded in the very structure of our existence – a kind of cosmological “dilemma” seeking its own salvation and resurrection? Could it be that just like leaves fall from the tree in Autumn to become fertile soil for Spring buds, just as we live and die to change form and live again, just as each moment is the birth of the Now and the death of the past, so could it be that the larger governing systems of our Universe also enjoy cyclic renewal? And could it be that we are, collectively, aware of this? 

And if this is the case, could it be that we are not the first civilization in human history to experience this awareness? And could it be that End-Times “prophecies” are actually stories left over from survivors of previous cycles, or a special type of awareness coded into our DNA as a product of an evolving consciousness – reminders of our complete impermanence and greater place in the Grand Scheme of things, so that we may be informed of how to survive and evolve with the cosmos? Could it be that the Universe is far stranger and more prolific than we like to think, and that the troubles we are now facing are simply a natural entropic movement leading up to a beautiful event of a greater evolution in consciousness – a renewal? That which has a beginning has an end; and if there’s one thing I know for sure via my own studies, that which has an end has a new beginning.

“…and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started, and know the place for the first time.”

~T.S. Eliot, Little Gidding

So where to sit with this? Most people are unable to get their head around such concepts simply because they are still too preoccupied with the mundane and/or too “satisfied” with pleasant ideas that they are already “saved” or that “everything is perfect” so long as all is seen as only “love and light.” Well, that’s part of the whole problem, you see. We easily get trapped and limited by our anthropocentric and obsolete paradigm – that archetypal control system that seems so much like home yet keeps us dazed and confused like hamsters on a wheel. We feel comfortable with the familiar, you see, and we so don’t want to offend our friends and neighbors, much less our own well-guarded “sensibilities,” because our lives then begin to become a hell of condemnation, ridicule, and a struggle to face the hard facts and lies we’ve been telling ourselves our whole life.

We live in a day and age where most people still believe the lies we’re being told. It’s a global Stockholm Syndrome, the perfect Matrix Control System, where the prisoners build their own walls and worship their captors, becoming tools of the matrix as the sheep police each other.” 

~Bernhard Guenther, 2012 – Collective Awakening or End of the World?

It is perhaps reasonable that we feel this way, of course. We naturally want a happy life free from stress; the less resistance we apply to our already stressful surroundings the more pleasant life seems. Actually, however, this pleasantness we strive to maintain is a rather morbid illusion. And via this fallacious modus operandi we are only creating more problems for ourselves and for others, for we engage only shallow contrivances in the self-serving interest of the acquisition of undeserved comfort, laziness and distraction – thus feeding the entropy that we ourselves have become accustomed to like a decaying carcass. On the other hand, if and when we finally become fully present with this realization, fully aware that it is not our so-called “freedom” that is bringing us our quite precarious “happiness,” but rather that we have learned not to lean up against the thorns imprisoning us, thus feeling relief so long as we line up and play by the rules, we start to see that there is only one option for real and lasting freedom: to hack through the thorns and find a clearing where we can build a realhome – with a garden that produces much fruit. 

Therefore, just because the times they are a-changin’, and just because it may well be a natural movement of cosmology and consciousness, this does not at all imply that we are to just sit back, relax and enjoy the show. No, the esoteric rule is to Know Thyself and only this can prepare us for Transition, and to do that we must gain True Knowledge and Mastery of the body, mind and energy, and an objective understanding of our world and paradigm that otherwise binds us to our thorny prison. Only then will we be aware of how to manage our changing times and the ensuing strife so as to emerge in the light at the end of the tunnel – so to speak – and into a better world… truly a Shift in Consciousness in the finest sense – but one that can only be achieved by hard work.

As it Was in the Days of Noah

By far the most repeated End-Times and/or paradigm-transition story ever told is the story of a Great Deluge, a flood sent upon the earth from God or the Cosmos to clean the immorality and corruption of humankind. Often, the flood waters are depicted as a kind of return of the primeval waters of corresponding Creation myths and a divine act of retribution to “wipe the slate clean” for a rebirth into a new Edenic-state, generally in tandem with humankind’s newfound higher relationship with God – which is not otherwise possible. And this is most-important, and correlates to another indispensable component found in the respective myths: always there is a hero who survives, most often of the Ark-constructing variety! 

The Deluge tablet of the Gilgamesh epic in Akkadian

Flood myths can be found in nearly every early culture from the infancy of written history. The discovery of clay tablets in ruins of the Royal Library of Ashurbanipal in Mesopotamia in 1853, by Assyriologist Hormuzd Rassam, grabbed the attention of the world with the then unknown. The Epic of Gilgamesh dates from at least the 21st century BC, although a more recent discovery of alabaster vase fragments at Nippur supports the existence of the story as early as 2600 BC and further suggests that Gilgamesh may even have been a legitimate historical figure! {Myths from Mesopotamia: Creation, the Flood, Gilgamesh, and Others, Stephanie Dalley, ed., Oxford University Press, 1989 / see also Horns of Moses, Laura Knight-Jadczyk, available soon from Red Pill Press}

It is well-known by now that the Epic of Gilgamesh contains an account that isextraordinarily similar to the Biblical flood story found in the Book of Genesis,striking in both detail and event chronology. Such parallels ought not be ignored, especially as it relates to flood/renewal stories.{The Babylonian Gilgamesh Epic: Introduction, Critical Edition and Cuneiform Texts, Andrew R. George, Oxford University Press, 2003}

In a Torah commentary published in 2001 by the Conservative Movement of Judaism, a rabbinic scholar named, Robert Wexler, stated: “The most likely assumption we can make is that both Genesis and Gilgamesh drew their material from a common tradition about the flood that existed in Mesopotamia. These stories then diverged in the retelling.” {Ancient Near Eastern Mythology, Wexler,2001}

I suspect it goes without saying, though perhaps worthy of mention for our purposes here, that the flood story appears as well in the Islamic tradition, again with Noah as the hero. It is, in fact, a more detailed recounting of events, particularly with respect to the righteousness of Noah. Yet in contrast to Noah’s righteousness, as in other accounts, the corruption of the People was rampant, which the Qur’an describes eloquently, and which is highly comparable to what we are seeing today, particularly with regard to the modern science of ponerology. In the Qur’an account, it was particularly the politically powerful and wealthy who refused to hear the prophet’s call, inducing others to follow their ignorant path. These power hungry “elite” were jealous and envious of anyone superior to them in any way, seeking only control. This kept the People ignorant of the modest “believers” who were intellectually, morally and spiritual superior. {Qur’an 11:25-48, see also: Lives of the Prophets, Leila Azzam, Khalid Seydo}

We need to remember that, psychopaths and other personality disordered individuals really have no choice but to be what they are. But human beings DO have a choice as to whether they will accept abuse or not. By accepting abuse, they give power to the psychopaths to abuse others… It seems that, in a world where the people cannot or will not, rise up against psychopathy in power, the Cosmos will do it for them, and take them out as well for their silence and their weakness.” 

~Laura Knight-Jadczyk, Horns of Moses (available soon from Red Pill Press)

Ancient Greek flood myths, circa 900 BC, include an account of the flood ofDeucalion, which shares parallels with the Jesus myth as well, connecting the flood account to the coming of a new kingdom; Deucalion was the son of the god,Prometheus, and was to rule this new world. Deucalion, having been warned by his father and instructed to build a “chest” (an “Ark”, though only for himself and his wife,Pyrrha), was to repopulate this new Edenic world as the only survivors – a post apocalyptic Adam and Eve, if you will (i.e. cyclic renewal). They did so, but interestingly, not in the usual manner but rather, oddly enough, by throwing stones over their shoulders said to be the bones of Deucalion’s mother Gaia – the mother of all living things (the source of life). God’s throwing stones – could this be a reference to cometary bombardment bringing renewal? 

It should be noted as well that another, less notable 2nd century version of the story of Deucalion called De Dea Syria does indicate that Deucalion took his wife, children and animals in an Ark – though it is not clear whether the story was influenced by Judeo-Christian culture.

Even cultures vastly divergent from those mentioned thus far knew and passed on a flood story that is remarkably similar. The legend of Manu, India’s Noah / Deucalion / Utnapishtim, tells us that he was a man so righteous that he obtained the favor of Matsya, the first incarnation of the god Vishnu. Matsya warned Manu of the flood to come and instructed him to construct an Ark, giving Manu precise measurements and the exact day the deluge would begin (Matsya Purana, Ch.I), and instructed him to take his family, various seeds and pairs of animals to repopulate the earth (Matsya Purana, Ch.II). When the flood waters had receded, just like in Genesis, the Mesopotamian flood stories and the story ofDeucalion, the Ark landed safely on a prominent mountain in the region. {A Survey of Hinduism, Klaus K. Klostermaier, 2007, SUNY Press / see also:Encyclopaedia of Hinduism: T-Z, Volume 5, Sunil Sehgal, 1999, Sarup & Sons}

Our flood motif is revealed as well in a later Irish compilation of ancient narratives called, Lebor Gabála Érenn, (translated, The Book of the Taking of Ireland, though more commonly known as The Book of Invasions). Granted, the compilation was made in the 11th century, hence apparently reinterpreting pagan myths of Celtic Ireland, both Gaelic and pre-Gaelic, to better reflect Judaeo-Christian theology and historiography. Nevertheless, although the “historicity” of events transparently draws on Biblical parallels to tell the “official” story of Ireland, it remains highly likely that the origins of the flood narrative stem from pre-Christian Celtic history. We know from the 4th century historian, Ammianus Marcellinus, that Timagenes of Alexandria, in the 1st century BC, transcribed an account of the origins of the Celtic People where he describes how the ancestors of the Gauls were driven from their native lands in eastern Europe by a succession of wars followed by a great flood, apparently derived from older sources which are now lost. {Ammianus Marcellinus, Res Gestae 15:9} That was certainly long before Eusebius, who was cited as a source for Lebor Gabála Érenn, and long before the Irish even felt a need to compose a history of their past comparable to the histories of other peoples within the Roman Empire.

A flood myth from Hawaii, of unclear origins, describes a righteous man named, Nu’u (which even sounds like Noah!) who constructed an Ark to escape a Great Flood, but misattributed his salvation and guidance to come from the moon until the creator god, Kane, appeared on a rainbow to correct Nu’u, and save the day. No animals seem to be involved, nor a wife, and the number of other possible survivors is not mentioned, though again, when the flood water receded, Nu’u found himself atop Mauna Kea, a volcano and highest peak of the Hawaii Islands. {“Nu’u” A Dictionary of World Mythology, Arthur Cotterell, Oxford University Press, 1997}

It wasn’t until the early 19th century that Christian Missionaries began to run amok on the Islands – as they do – converting the natives and battling for the salvation of their savage souls, via the “proper” denomination of course. So it seems that the Nu’u story long predates the arrival of the Church.

In our brief review of famous flood stories we must not neglect Plato’s account of the mysterious lost Atlantis. Fulcanelli writes:

Atlantis. Did this mysterious island, of which Plato left the enigmatic description, ever exist? A question difficult to solve, given the weakness of the means which science possesses to penetrate the secret of the abysses. Nevertheless, some observations seem to support the partisans of the existence of Atlantis. […]

Faith in the truthfulness of Plato’s works results in believing the reality of the periodical upheavals of which the Mosaic Flood, we said it, remains the written symbol and the sacred prototype. To those who negate what the priests of Egypt entrusted to Solon, we would only ask to explain to us what Aristotle’s master wanted to reveal by this fiction of a sinister nature. For we indeed believe that beyond doubt, Plato became the propagator of very ancient truths, and that consequently his books contain a set, a body of hidden knowledge. His Geometric Number, and Cave have their signification; why should the myth of Atlantis not have its own?

Atlantis must have undergone the same fate as the others, and the catastrophe, which submerged it, falls obviously into the same cause as that which buried, forty-eight centuries later, under a profound sheet of water, Egypt, the Sahara, and the countries of Northern Africa. But more favored than the land of the Atlantean, Egypt gained from a raising of the bottom of the ocean and came back to the light of day, after a certain time of immersion. For Algeria and Tunisia with their dry ‘chotts’ covered with a thick layer of salt, the Sahara and Egypt with their soils constituted for a large part of sea sand show that the waters invaded and covered vast expanses of the African continent. The columns of the Pharaohs’ temples bear on them undeniable traces of immersion; in the hypostyle chambers, the slabs, still extant, which form the ceilings have been raised and moved by the oscillating motion of the waves; the disappearance of the outer coating of the pyramids and in general that of the stone joins (the Colosses of Memnon who used to sing) the evident traces of corrosion by water that can be noticed on thesphinx of Giza, as well as on many other works of Egyptian statuary have no other origin.

~Fulcanelli, The Dwellings of the Philosophers (“Les Demeures Philosophales”, Paris, 1929)

We could go on like this almost indefinitely, but I think I’ve made my point: extraordinarily similar accounts of a Great Flood (if not more than one) exist throughout history, amongst cultures and time periods so disparate that we cannot hazard any logical guess as to why beyond the notion that deluges DO occur. And the reason for their occurrence seems to be as a result of – or at least preceded by – periods of social unrest and general disharmony between humans and the natural order of thingsThere are HUNDREDS of flood accounts throughout written history, in fact, from virtually every area of the world! Of course, floods occur all the time, but that’s not the kind of flooding these stories are referring to; they mean BIG FLOODScatastrophic deluges well beyond the norm – the kind that consume even mountains!

So, what we may infer from this is that a Great Flood very likely DID occur thatinvolved large areas of the world and its populace – yet certainly leaving more survivors than the accounts usually mention (“Noah’s [extended] family”, speaking to Biblical allegory). Considering such large scale trauma, it would be only natural that the stories are very deeply embedded into our culture. What this also suggests is that such events are an archetypal platform of not only cyclic renewal when things get really bad, but also our salvation, should we choose to heed the call and Work – as reflected in the righteous heroes of the flood myths who, in communion with the Divine, follow specific criteria to “build an Ark” and thus be saved (arriving “atop the Mountain”).

“The story of Noah and the Ark is the primordial story of salvation; the original Quest for the Holy Grail; the building of the Ark; and the Great Work of Alchemy. The Flood has other connotations such as the occlusion of the Sun representing the ‘Dying God’, sacrificed for the sins of mankind. In this sense, the Ark is the symbol of the Cosmic Hieros Gamos, or the mode of passage to the realm of the ‘Once and Future King‘, Arthur/Arca and theShepherds of Arcadia.

In our present time, the Christian religion, (and its New Age offshoots), is the chief proponent of the many End of the World scenarios with which we are most familiar. However, they do not seem to note that the most important point is that Jesus definitively connected the so-called End of the Worldwith the story of Noah, thereby affirming the ‘Primitive Chiliasm‘ view. In Matthew, chapter 24, verses 37 and 38:

‘As were the days of Noah, so will be the coming of the Son of man. For just as in those days before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and being given in marriage, until the day when Noah went into the ark, and they did not know or understand until the flood came and swept them all away, so will be the coming of the Son of man.’

In the story of Noah, to which Jesus has directly related the ‘End of Time’, a man had a dream, a prophecy… and he acted upon this revelation in a positive way to the saving of himself and his family.

The most important part of the story of Noah is that it was NOT the end of the world in the sense that the physical earth ceases to exist. Nor did Noah transit through the Flood to become a ‘light being’. He built the Ark and survived the Flood and emerged into a different world. It was the End of Time in the sense that the world before was altogether different from the world after the Flood. The Earth continued to exist, and Noah and his metaphorical family, (there were apparently quite a number of Noah’s all over the globe), came out of the ark into a world so different that the existence of a rainbow is noted here for the first time as evidence of this extreme, fundamental change in the nature of reality. […]

Carefully considered, the story of Noah is highly informative. The story does not tell us that some supernatural force prepared a place for Noah. On the contrary, Noah was told to perform certain tasks to ensure his survival as well as that of his family and certain animals. Assuming that the story is more than merely a metaphor for the Great Work, had Noah chosen not to exert these tremendous efforts, we would never have heard of him, whoever he might have been, in whatever culture or context he existed. 

~Laura Knight-Jadczyk, Secret History of the World

The 2012 Mayan Prophecy,

Pole Shift, Nibiru & New Age COINTELPRO

Certainly the Mayans had their flood stories as well – a few in fact. And like their counterparts, these stories describe the destruction of humanity for its lack of reverence to their true purpose as Divine Creations. Where the Mayans have not speculated is in the world ending in 2012 nor necessarily a mass enlightenment. What most 2012-hype “followers” fail to realize is that the whole concept of a Mayan prophecy for 2012 is an entirely invented concept exclusive to the “machine world”, as I like to call it; after all, the machine world creates and maintains the plastic standards of the “modern West” – which I don’t think I need to itemize – pointing to the rest of the world as the ignorant, backward, uncivilized “third world” or the “developing countries”, including Central America, where the Mayan culture originated and still essentially exists to some extent today.

I spent the past several months in Guatemala with the Mayans – not in the cities, mind you, but in the sticks, with people who still speak the language, wear traditional clothing, and hack their way through the jungle with a machete to get home from work. And let me tell you, if you ask these people about the world ending or a collective enlightenment in December, they’ll look at you like you ain’t wired too tight!

“If I went to some Mayan-speaking communities and asked people what is going to happen in 2012, they wouldn’t have any idea.” ~Jose Huchim, Yucatan Mayan archaeologist.

[The Mayan] Long Count calendar begins in 3114 BC, marking time in roughly 394-year periods known as Baktuns. Thirteen was a significant, sacred number for the Mayas, and the 13th Baktun ends around Dec. 21, 2012. It’s a special anniversary of creation. The Maya never said the world is going to end, they never said anything […] would happen necessarily, they’re just recording this future anniversary on Monument Six. ~David Stuart, specialist in Mayan epigraphy, University of Texas

A significant time period for the Mayas does end on the date, and enthusiasts have found a series of astronomical alignments they say coincide in 2012… But most archaeologists, astronomers and Maya say the only thing likely to hit Earth is a meteor shower of New Age philosophy, pop astronomy, Internet doomsday rumors and TV specials ~Mark Stevenson, The Associated Press, Mayan Elder: 2012 isn’t the End of the World

So if the MAYANS don’t believe this 12/21/2012 doomsday/collective enlightenment business, from were did the 2012 hype-mongers get it?

“The doomsday theories spring from Western, not Mayan ideas.”

~Apolinario Chile Pixtun, Guatemalan Mayan elder

While immersed in the machine world, it is certainly easy to buy into whatever everybody is selling because that’s the norm – it’s what passes for “reality”, and if we disagree with it, it’s most often because we have an equally fallacious ideology to cling to and give us the impression that we “know better”. That’s the job of COINTELPRO, media disinformation, and much of the New Age movement, in fact. If you don’t like one idea, there are plenty of equally baseless and unsubstantiated ideas to choose from. And unfortunately, disinformation spreads like weeds in a neglected garden; neglected because true information, knowledge, is not cultivated.

For those who don’t know (though I highly recommend researching the topic for yourself) “COINTELPRO” is an acronym for the FBI’s domestic “Counter Intelligence Program”, and – although the term is ordinarily specific to covert FBI operations – it is nowadays often used asa blanket term for all types of secret projects and “black ops” involving disinformation and general disruption and discrediting ofanything that could potentially pose a threat to the status quo – such as spiritual empowerment and “mass awakenings”, for example. COINTELPRO operations have been meddling in a number of domestic political organizations since the

mid 1950′s, beginning with the creation and promotion of McCarthyism. It is an inarguable and documented factthat they were behind the onset of popular New Age movements, such as the Human Potential Movement, as a fluffy distraction from laborious yet viable methods of Awakening. COINTELPRO is responsible for encouraging things like “positive thinking” (so to not get “hung up” on the negative stuff that might actually need attention) and illicit drug use and promoting sexual pathologies as “spiritual” candy for the masses. It proved to be quite insidiously prolific too; after all, not only do sex and drugs and positive thinking contradict “the Man”, they also have a greater tendency, when unchecked, to thwart critical thinking and objectivity, supplying base-level distractions in the form of unbridled hedonism as a “supreme virtue”. We need look no further than the complete failure of the hippy movement in the 1960′s for proof of this.

By the end of the decade of the 60’s, the ‘human potential’ movement had become a veritable potpourri of religion, science, mysticism, magick and ‘the occult’. The drug use got out of hand, the ‘techniques’ began to show serious flaws with a number of tragedies resulting in crime or madness, and the whole idea of human beings becoming ‘psychic supermen’ hit the skids. The promise of the 60’s decayed into an aimless lethargy… old hippies living in communes, braiding their gray locks and lusting after the sweet young teeny boppers while they fired up another bong and reminisced about the ‘good old days’ at Esalen.

~Laura Knight-Jadczyk, Secret History of the World

And although such COINTELPRO projects are “officially” said to have been disbanded, anyone with the powers of discernment to recognize why that is a lie also realizes that any operation that is secret in nature – whose very M.O. is disinformation – will surely prefer to remain “officially nonexistent”, and yet retain some kind of enigmatic “maybe/maybe not” status, which incidentally becomes a tool for the purpose of same. For proof that COINTELPRO (by whatever name) and government disinformation operations still exist, we need look no further than the 100% irrefutable FACTS of the 9/11 coverup.

So how do they get away with this? How do they continue to pull it off? One thing we know for sure is that “counter-intelligence” operatives – despite the humorous innuendo – are anything but stupid, and they breed labyrinthine webs of deceit, paradigmatic mind control and contradiction, even within their own ranks, so as to protect their clandestine motives. This is a hard fact that anyone who has worked for or with – or has investigated – a government intelligence bureau will attest, whether with sheer awe, disapproval, or both. Do not be deceived: the idea of a “failure of intelligence” is a ruse to put you to sleep.

They say the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he doesn’t exist (or is incompetent). What better way to meddle than to be invisible? When it comes to mucking things up and keeping the People sated with an illusion of freedom and spirituality, none do it better than “the [invisible] Man” of New Age COINTELPRO.They’ve got the whole scene so hyped and the Truth so watered down that people are left either clinging hopefully to lies or not knowing what to believe.Either way, confusion reigns, and that is exactly how they want it to stay. And so it goes that a few bad apples – New Age hype-mongers – spoil the bunch, as reflected in our modern ideas of quick-fix spirituality and our capricious culture of intemperance.

People just assume that because they are on the ‘alternative’ side, they have the Truth and it won’t be taken from them. This is a pity because quite a few of them do seem sincere, but they are like sheep under the guidance of wolves.” ~Case Study on COINTELPRO and Ponerization: Report from an ‘Alternative Convention’

Of course mainstream science and media also ridicules anything that doesn’t fit into the reality box of “official culture”. That is to be expected. But what [is] more disturbing [is] how many folks in the alternative media buy into so much disinformation, be it consciously or not. Everyone who [has] started to question reality and embarked on the quest of truth has at one point in his/her life believed in lies and disinformation.” ~Bernhard Guenther, 2012 – Collective Awakening or End of the World?

“[T]he only thing that should shock us concerning COINTELPRO operations… is how readily we have bought into the notion that governments do not engage in them.” ~Allan Branson, COINTELPRO: Information Warfare

“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” ~William Casey, CIA Director (quote from Casey’s first staff meeting as Director in 1981)

So it’s really no wonder so many believe this Mayan prophecy business. Heck, even Hollywood is on the scene with the high-budget blockbuster film, 2012. Seemingly credible, family-oriented, “educational” TV channels like, The Discovery Channel, The History Channel,and The BBC, have capitalized on the so-called Mayan prophecy with shamelessly gratuitous narratives, baseless speculations and ominous music-score undertones. Untold numbers of books have been written by self-proclaimed scholars, psychics, and hope-toting “gurus” promising super powers and freedom from our toils when that fateful day finally arrives – especially if you attend their seminars at $5000 a pop!

Why do you suppose that is? Sure, crafty, money-grubbing types know a good thing when they see it and everyone wants to cash in while the gettin’s good, but of this I can assure you: if there were truth to any of it, COINTELPRO would have derailed that train long ago. On the contrary, what we are seeing is likely – alongside the 9/11 scam – the juiciest and most concentrated disinformation campaign the world has ever known, with billions in tax revenues to boot. Mark my words, this is a well-planned, highly orchestrated manipulation specifically designed to distract the world from what is really going on – and the rabbit hole is likely to be far deeper than most of us realizes, or can comprehend. There’s a shift occurring, all right, one that may well be written in the stars, but it isn’t likely to have anything to do with what the hype-mongers are selling.

Notice I’m referring to a collective SHIFT rather than a collective AWAKENING. Tell you what, if you get enlightenment on December 21st, check back with me on the 22nd; I’ll be very happy to concede that I was wrong if you can show me the proof of your “ascension”. If not, you might want to read this article a few more times – and the hyperlinks – and start taking the implications very seriously.

The answer to the disinformation problem isn’t paranoia, but vigilance, persistent vigilance in examining the source of all information coming at us. Each world citizen must be their own best investigator. It is our only way of liberating ourselves from the global prison of the mind that encroaches everywhere.” 

~Richard Dolan, Historian, Ufologist, researcher & author, professional whistle-blower, Keyhole Publishing

We can’t discuss the topic of New Age disinformation without addressing the many claims of how things are going to play out. We also don’t have to look too deeply into our imaginations to see some fairly reasonable ways for the world to end: nuclear exchange, biological catastrophe, economic collapse, sudden ice age, super volcano, cometary bombardment, tectonic mantle slip, solar flares, alien invasion, even a rogue black hole or colliding dimensions.

V838 Mon, a star with an expanding light echo, purported by some as photographic evidence of Nibiru

The problem with most End of the World scenarios is that there’s not a lot of room to sell hope, unless you’re really “creative” in how you spin itFar better – i.e. more profitable – to suggest what will happen to bring about our “collective awakening” or salvation; in other words, the New Age isn’t that much different from Christianity trying to sell a panacea. Perhaps the most widely promoted concept is the notion that the earth is going to go through a Pole Shift, possibly due to a “galactic alignment” or the a large cosmic body passing though our solar system – an unknown planet often referred to as, “Planet X,” or, “Nibiru“. What does this actually mean and how does it relate to the disinformation phenomena?

Laura Kinght-Jadczyk, historian, rogue scholar, mystic and author, has researched this topic more extensively than most, so I will allow her to field this one:

In the present day and time, the causes of cosmic catastrophe are generally assigned by so-called ‘alternative researchers’ and purveyors of esoteric wisdom to the idea of Pole Shift. […]

In the end, the chief problem of all the theories is that of the ‘trigger mechanism’. What is driving the machine? What is changing in our solar system that we may not be told about? Why are the rumormongers and the theorists of such things as ‘Planet Nibiru’ or ‘galactic alignment’ or ‘precessional ages’ allowed to promulgate their nonsense, while the real data is being so carefully hidden?

The fact that the Earth’s magnetic poles have changed many times in history is now a well accepted scientific fact. But this actually says nothing at all about the planet itself ‘flipping’. It just signifies a reversal of the magnetic field. As we now know, the Sun reverses its magnetic field regularly and cyclically with no apparent cataclysmic effects. So, a simple reversal of the magnetic field cannot be used in support of a physical and literal ‘Pole Shift’.

[…] The most popular theory of the present moment is that of Zecharia Sitchin who analyzed the myths of the Sumerians, concluding that they referred to a massive unseen planet, and further, that all of the stories point to a cyclical return at intervals of 3600 years.

For so many years we have heard about ‘End of the World’ hoaxes and panics that it is becoming rather tiresome and tedious. When was the last time you heard about the Photon Belt nonsense? That one was pretty popular for awhile – kept everybody going like crazy while dozens of folks made lots of money selling books and ‘ascension’ courses to help people survive the ‘enlightening’ of the planet.

Well, the ‘photon belt’ apparently fizzled and then the Hale Bopp Frenzy cranked up leading to some mass suicides and a general air of paranoia all over.

What a lot of people didn’t notice was that there were some extremely strange things going on here on the Big Blue Marble while Hale Bopp was decorating our skies – the weather was changing dramatically and Europe experienced what was called ‘The Flood of the Millennium‘. One has to wonder if the Hale Bopp affair was not just another form of distraction away from what was really going on – sort of a Cosmic O.J. Simpson trial? […]

Of course, all the while that was going on, the political world was going crazy and we are now sitting on a planet that is like a powder keg just waiting for somebody to casually light a cigarette.

In order to form any ideas about a ‘trigger’, it is important to try to sort out the data that we can get and decide if a Pole Shift is even possible and if so, is it a gradual, Uniformitarian event, or if it is sudden and cataclysmic.

It is commonly accepted among scientists nowadays that there is a cycle of extinction. However, until recently, they continued to attempt to put it off so far into the past and future that it could not possibly concern our present civilization.

It is only fairly recently that hints and clues have begun to emerge into public awareness – a sort of ‘testing the waters’ – though, as usual, there is much back and forth debate. Generally, those who say that cyclic extinctions DO happen – and rather frequently – approach the subject from the point of view of collecting and presenting data. The naysayers generally approach the subject from the point of view of ‘explaining away’ the data as being ‘faulty’ or ‘misunderstood’. They also tend to get emotional and attack the personalities of those who present data.

Still, more and more facts, data, and confirmable information, keep coming to light.

The relative importance of an idea and the implications of the conclusions that can be drawn from that idea ought to determine the level of attention given to the idea. The fact is, the idea that something may be whacking through our solar system at periodic intervals is a concept of such importance that it simply cannot be overstated.

The Russians theorized in the 60s that there may be not one, but three planetary bodies existing in our solar system beyond Pluto. Aberrations in the orbital motion of Neptune and Uranus have convinced many other scientists that there is a strong likelihood that some kind of large body exists in solar space beyond Pluto and exerts strong gravitational attraction on the outermost planets. So we agree with Sitchin that, if a definite cycle exists, one of the most logical explanations for it is that it is caused by a planetary-like body making regular, predictable appearances.

But we disagree that such a body travels into the inner solar system.

‘If it does exist, and it does reappear cyclically, why doesn’t science know about it?’, the skeptical reader will ask.

This issue of the cycle of this purported ‘return’ is of the utmost importance; we find ourselves facing the idea that the world is either due shortly for great geologic and meteorological events, or it is not. If we consider the remote possibility that this is going to happen, and if we are interested in human destiny, it behooves us to investigate whether or not there is a correlation between cyclical geologic changes in the earth’s past and the future, and what that cycle might be. What is more, there is also compelling hard scientific evidence that our planet has relatively recently experienced cataclysmic geological changesIt has only been in recent years that some of the more convincing evidence of this kind, such as ice core samples and tree ring analysis, has been revealed.

If we, for one second, think that there is even a one-percent possibility that such events are cyclic, and that we may be approaching such an event, we ought to be putting the whole force of all our science and all the great minds of our civilization into researching the matter. But that does not seem to be the case. Are the leaders of our nations so stupid that they cannot think that far ahead? Or are they so greedy and power hungry that they don’t care? Do they intend to ‘get while the getting’s good’, and then when – and IF – the final curtain comes down, they will think that they were the stars of the show? This poses a peculiar problem. How do we assess who really knows what?

Over and over again, as we have pushed deeper and deeper into our research, we find that investigating these matters is problematic for a lot of reasons. On the surface, what we see is that academic and professional geologists, glaciologists, geophysicists, paleontologists, oceanographers, astronomers, astrophysicists, physicists, mathematicians, archaeologists, and so on, do not take kindly to intrusions into their private little worlds. They have their gods of convention, whom they worship, and god forbid that anyone should criticize the acceptable protocols of the conventional interpretation. They are warm and safe andtheir career is protected by their covenant with the scientific Thought Police who are, in turn, high priests to the Control System.

And this is where we discover the problem. The Control System, via the offices of its high priests of science, ensures that glaciologists do not cross over into astrophysics and that geologists do not cross over into archaeology. In this way, there is no such thing as Comparative Science, and this is most especially true in the United States where the lines between disciplines are most strongly demarcated, patrolled, and enforced by the Scientific Thought Police.

These conditions bring our problem into sharp focus. As we have attempted to get to the very bottom of many of the claims of the experts in the various fields, we have discovered that there is much data that is completely suppressed by this system. There is also a great deal of data that falls under the control of government agencies, and access to it is severely limited. I discovered that there is, indeed, an effort on the part of various government agencies to investigatethese cyclical returns and cometary impact matters, but that the results are generally unavailable to the public. They consist of technical papers, stored on microfiche, buried in research and special collections sections of university libraries. Some of it makes its way into print, but the volumes are so costly that the researcher in these fields must be well financed to be able to afford them. Those things that make it to print in technical journals are couched in such amazingly obtuse and opaque terminology that one must be as sharp as a Damascus sword to cut through the nonsense. And it is almost a given that only a trained scientist who knows the ‘hidden jargon’ will be able to decipher the code.

I must also tell the reader that, for weeks on end, as we have ordered and read technical papers, books, files of data, reports and so forth, the enormity of the problem of suppression of information has become overwhelmingly evident. […]

And so it is. Not only are the separate scientific disciplines most often unaware of developments in other fields which may have important data that would help their own studies, they are also conditioned – programmed – to consider it scientific blasphemy to compare their own conclusions with the data from other fields. And somebody is controlling this system of suppression.”

~Laura Knight-Jadczyk, Secret History of the World

So it isn’t that all information out there is complete rubbish, rather that it is mostly distorted and convoluted due to one apparatus or another – whether purposeful or an honest mistake. That’s how disinformation propagates so well; most always is it truth

mixed with lies and errors, therefore people have something to bite in to, unaware that it amounts only to junk food – without nourishment. What remains vital is that we endeavor to illuminate the truth of the matter so that we may understand what we are working with. If there is to be any possibility of Enlightenment, Truth is paramount. If we are under false impressions, it would be far better to not understand anything at all. The difference between a lie we believe versus a truth we fail to see is at least, with the latter, we remain available – for the most part – to accept new knowledge. Believing a lie is even more problematic than ignorance, you see – as I concluded in my article on the corruptibility of ideology:

People will just accept a flowery idea and then go about their life in the same way, living under a pretense that they “understand” something. This actually blocks them from any real understanding that they could have if they weren’t convinced that they “already know”. […]The great irony is thus that these and other such [concepts, though taken as truth] actually allow us to turn away from Truth rather than toward it.

I know I’m bursting a lot of hopeful bubbles here, but as it is, the truth matters – a great deal in fact. And if we are to understand what to do about it, we had better understand what is true and what isn’t – or at the very least recognize what is possible and what isn’t.

Galactic Alignment

Precessional movement of the Earth. The Earth rotates (white arrows) once a day about its axis of rotation (red). This axis itself rotates slowly (white circle), completing a rotation in approximately 26,000 years.

We have established that there is no relevance to the 2012 Mayan “prophecy” as it pertains to an end of the world. This seems to be a Hollywood-style invention. What we may note is that the 13th Baktun of the Mayan Long Count calendar ends around Dec. 21, 2012, and seems, according to some, to correspond to the “precession of the equinoxes” or axial precession – a theory ostensibly discovered by Hipparchus(circa 130 BC) and defined by Isaac Newton and subsequent scientists as a 26,000 year cycle, approximately, which, due to the earth’s wobbling axial spin, brings us into alignment with the celestial (galactic) axis.

In other words, the Maya somehow managed to note when this alignment would take place – as per a theory first proposed by anthropologist, Munro Edmonson, in 1988, and furthered by independent researcher, John Major Jenkins, who claimed that the Maya were aware of where the ecliptic intersected the Great Rift (a band of dark dust clouds in the Milky Way), and gave this position in the sky a special significance in their cosmology. {Jenkins, What is the Galactic Alignment?}

Personally, I have no problem whatsoever trusting that ancient cultures looked to the skies and utilized these observations in predictive ways. Where it gets sticky is in the speculations promulgated by Jenkins and many thereafter – apparently based solely on Jenkins’ assertions – that the Maya specifically indicated the spiritual transformation of humanity to occur upon this event. While discerning an alignment with the celestial axis is an impressive feat for a culture who – as far as we know – had little technological capacity, there is less than adequate evidence to suggest, in the first place, that the Mayas implied any great significance to the event, apart from the fact that it would happen. And secondly, there is no conclusive data in existence as to the precise position of the galactic equator, even today with our very best astronomers on the case. As noted by several astronomers such as David Morrison, who rightly argues that the galactic equator is an entirely arbitrary line and can never be precisely drawn because it is impossible to determine the Milky Way’s exact boundaries (unlike the Earth, for instance, which is a clearly defined object). In fact, the Dark Rift obscures the galactic center rather than defining it. As such, we still don’t know exactly when the proposed alignment occurs, only that it does and that it could be anywhere between the last few decades and the coming few – which even Jenkins himself does not deny, lest he become completely impossible to be taken seriously. {Jenkins, The True Alignment Zone} Furthermore, it is just speculation that this alignment is what the Maya intended to highlight.

NOTE: The reader may like to read Walter Cruttenden’s, Lost Star of Myth and Time, for a much better explanation of what is being called “precession”. A number of astronomers have proposed that the phenomenon is actually due to the solar system’s movement around the center of the galaxy – i.e. its forward motion relative to other systems.

A Mesoamerican calendar system commonly attributed to the Maya, though it was actually the later Aztec People who presented the calendar in this form

I am not excluding the notion that the Maya may have had methods of seeing things more precisely than us today – whether mystical or technological. We cannot objectively rule this out anymore than we can certify many of the ideas put forth on the topic. As outstanding as it is that the Mayan Long Count calendar ends somewhere in the relative vicinity of this alleged precessional alignment, it remains that whatever moved the Maya to their conclusions – whatever those conclusions may have been – it is not actually a “prophecy”; it is anastronomical prediction! And whatever we may infer from that prediction requires information which is not available from the Mayan culture, despite the fact that the Maya People still exists today! One may be left to infer, rather, that it was not so important to them as it is to the New Age authors and Hollywood movie makers. Interesting that! 

That said, there is no conclusive evidence that the Maya realized the axial precession, though we cannot rule it out either. According to Maya scholars, there is also little evidence – archaeological or historical – that the Maya placed any cosmological importance on solstices or equinoxes. {Astronomy, ritual and the interpretation of Maya E-Group architectural assemblages, Ancient Mesoamerica 17 (1):79 – 96, Aimers and Rice, 2006}

Perhaps most noteworthy – given that the concept of a “galactic alignment” stems exclusively from the New Age version of the 2012 Mayan “prophecy” – is the fact thatthere is no Mayan glyph in their writing system which represents any term related to “galaxy” or “Milky Way” or the like. According to extant evidence, they did not have any concept of a “galaxy” as a specifically defined space, only the individual bodies relative to the observer’s viewpoint from the earth. And as far as we know, they mayhave believed, like many ancient civilizations, that the earth (or at least the sun) was the center of the universe. It’s pretty hard to pin a definitive “galactic alignment” prediction on a People who did not seem to note anywhere in their writing, nor any astronomical or chronological table, a galaxy whose center we are to align.{The End of Time: The Maya Mystery of 2012, Anthony Aveni, 2009, University Press of Colorado}

I have no doubt that wildly imaginative mental contortionists will argue these points till the cows come home. Nevertheless, these are the FACTS, and nothing anyone says or prefers to believe is going to change that. I remain open to considering further factual data as it arises, however, this is the state of affairs for the moment – just under three months prior to the alleged event.

All that said, it is my own conclusion based on an assessment of the data I have collected, along with a growing intuition, that something is applying a great pressure to our world. A Great Wave driving a split, is the best I can do to describe it – it feels something like a cell preparing to divide. I am not going to pretend that I can provide the reader with scientific proof for this. I can only but state what data and knowledge lead us to – that for an affective force to be exerted, alignment of the properties of that force is required. This is according tobasic laws of physics. Ergo, it seems that when we take all the factors I have reviewed into account (and more still that I haven’t covered here)some kind of great and long-predestined alignment of affective force is upon us – which history, myth and legend say is cyclical

Suffice it to say, choice and Work are vital components to Spiritual Achievement, and if Enlightenment were to be a “guarantee”, this would not only negate the need to choose it, but further enable laziness toward the Work. Choice is the key; Work is the door – this is a Universal Law.

At every given moment all the future of the world is predestined and existing, but it is predestined conditionally, i.e., there must be one or another future in accordance with the direction of events of the given moment, if no new factor comes in. And a new factor can come in only from the side of consciousness and the will resulting from it. In the past, what is behind us, lies not only in what was, but also in what could have been. In the same way, in the future lies not only what will be but also what may be.” 

~P.D. Ouspensky, Tertium Organum

It is not so much that we must disbelieve the concept of some sort of great change coming upon us, perhaps both auspicious and destructive, but instead we must realize that the specifics of the process and the outcome are as yet unknown. As such, it is shortsighted and imprudent to delay our responsibility to appropriate action on the highly speculative basis that we will all be enlightened or saved by some highly hypothetical, and even dubious event. Remember, a lot of people are placing their lives at risk this way; it is serious! This suspension of clarity and Right Action, I would suggest, is the aim of the New Age movement in general, whether knowingly (promoted by COINTELPRO) or due simply to lack of critical discernment. As I have already shown, it appears that much, if not all, of what has been proclaimed on the topic stems from John Major Jenkins, and Jenkins alone – with relatively little, if any, independently verified corroboration. Could Jenkins be an agent of COINTELPRO or a gullible asset set into place to plant a seed and cultivate misguided seekers to fall into a trap of credulity surrounding the 2012 phenomenon? I see it as a distinct probability, and if not, then he is simply a fool. In any event, “woe to the blind led by the blind, for they shall both fall into the ditch”.

The Noah Syndrome & the grip of the Matrix

The Lord saw that the wickedness of man was very great in the earth, and that every imagination and intention of all human thinking was evil continually. […]

The earth was depraved and putrid in God’s sight, and the land was filled with violence (desecration, infringement, outrage, assault, and lust for power). And God looked upon the world and saw how degenerate, debased and vicious it was; for all humanity had corrupted their way upon the earth and lost their true direction. ~Book of Genesis

I would not argue that such an excerpt depicts a rather grim assessment of the world and people I know to be my home and brethren, and who carry within them the possibility for great love and remarkable compassion. Yet I also cannot argue that our world has become a far cry from the ideal – and that should we care to correct this, a fearless effort to observe this fact and objectively face the reality which is bringing our world to its knees, is a must. The fact that so few of us acknowledge this – and the implications of this stark misapprehension of the Times which is problematical at best, catastrophic at worst – certainly lends one to an appreciation for the above excerpt. I know well that I am not alone.

” ‘…we will reveal nothing by saying that the greatest part of discoveries, first oriented towards the increase of human well-being, were rapidly diverted from their goal and specifically applied to destruction. Instruments of peace are turned into machines of war and we already know too well the dominating role science played in modern cataclysms. Such is, unfortunately, the final goal, the outcome of scientific investigation; and such is also the reason why many who pursued it with criminal intent, called divine justice upon him and finds himself bound to be condemned by it.’ (Fulcanelli)

But Noah found favor in God’s eyes. He was, undoubtedly, the one who was thought to be ‘sick’ by all of the other people around him. He didn’t fit, he was an anomaly – a man of discernment and circumspection in a time and place where everything that mankind had ever thought was good had been corrupted, perverted, turned upside down and twisted out of recognition. […]

…acting in response to a consciousness of impending disaster might be seen as a form of mental aberration, a syndrome not common to all of humanity, but defining in very specific terms the ‘Noë of the Elect’ and ‘the Chosen’, those moved to see the End as a beginning of a new order. And, as in the time of Noah, those not afflicted with this particular cast of consciousness will react to it with derision and ridicule.

So we find that the Noah Syndrome describes both a condition of the planet in terms of its sickness-unto-death, as well as the condition of certain individuals who are sickened by the sickness. And just as an animal will sniff out the proper herb for its cure, such people begin to feel a restlessness, a questing spirit, and a drive to seek out and discover the thing that will bring relief to this nagging ache in their soul. Such a quest can only be undertaken with faith that is open and adventurous, following the nose, so to say, and finally, ingesting that which is of truth when it is finally discovered. Looking at our constellation of symptoms, it does seem to be that we are in a time period ‘as it was in the days of Noah’. And so, many individuals, including yours truly, have embarked on quests for truth, for knowledge, and for understanding of the reality in which we live and why it is that the Terror of History still stalks us.

In the course of such a quest, the open-minded individual will, naturally, come across many anomalies that are inexplicable in terms of standard, uniformitarian science and history. Eventually, the question will be asked: could these things be evidence of an ancient, advanced civilization that perished? And once that question has been asked, the next question will be: how did it perish and could it happen again? […]

But something changed the world view. Somehow, the perception of the End of Time became a terrible punishment. Somehow, a god entered the world stage who destroyed the peace of Eden, and tempted man to place his trust in him, and him alone. ‘I am the Lord your God, and I am a jealous God!’ And time became linear and with a prophesied end that was going to be final and complete. And woe to those who were not on the side of the ‘right god’ who claimed to be the only one who could offer ‘salvation’.The concept of the end being a precursor to a rebirth was lost with the introduction of monotheism. At that point, theEnd of Time became the End of the World – for everyone except those special chosen ones who were to be saved by a single, specific god to live in some mystical City of God with streets paved with gold, and almond-eyed houris serving dates and wine on every street corner. This single, specific god, has pretty much run the show ever since, in any number of disguises.Until this appearance of monotheism, a myth was annually enacted that described a condition of life that was accepted as the way things were: Time is cyclical. The world might end, but if it did, it was only because it had ‘run down’ and needed to be ‘wound up’ again. All of the elements of the story of Noah are found in these myths. ‘As it was in the days of Noah.’ 

~Laura Knight-Jadczyk, Secret History of the World

London in the throes of the next Great Flood?

What does cyclical time mean, exactly? It is most assuredly a difficult concept to grasp due to the fact that we seem to experience time linearly. But is that because time is linear or because we are stuck in a very small segment of it? Does the Earth not also appear definitively flat while upon it, even from the top of a mountain? Need I remind the reader that as recently as 500 years past, Europeans still believed the Earth to be flat? Are not the seasons assurance of nature being cyclical? Do not all celestial bodies in the universe turn, and do these orbital cycles not bring about the very functionality of the cosmos unto the point of even the very sustainability of life and the possibility of existence? How peculiar would it really be, then, to presume time too to be cyclical? More and more scientific data is coming to light to support this concept, yet it is surely what the ancients knew and tried to tell us.

At this point, let’s think about these stories as metaphors for the Great Work of Alchemy. As we have surmised, this ‘work’ consists in becoming aware of, and possibly interacting with, a hyperdimensional reality in which our own is embedded. At the present time, we have a very good modern example of this process in the movieThe Matrix. On the surface, this movie was a presentation of possibilities inherent in technological manipulation of society and individual reality. What many people do not realize is that it is a metaphor for the True Reality – a Matrix that is even more mysterious and subtle than anything suggested in the movie – a Matrix of which speculations and formulae relating tohyperdimensional physics and modern studies in consciousness have only revealed the tip of the iceberg.

The true Matrix of human experience on Earth is only a shadow of a reality that exists beyond our human conceptionsof society, religion, belief systems, technology, and even alien paradigms promulgated at the present time in such volume and variety. Many scientific speculations of recent times have begun to unravel the puzzle of our existence in troubling ways. One of these threads seems to suggest – in definitely hard science – that not only is Time cyclical, but that our present human race and technological society may not be the pinnacle of Darwinian evolution. In fact, the possibility of races and civilizations before us, of even greater sophistication and achievement, is becoming more likely every day…[…as described in Secret History of the World…]

In considering this and the Matrix nature of our reality, the questions that we have brought forward are: if time is cyclical, if greater civilizations than ours existed in the ‘past’, how did they perish? And, if they perished, did some elements of their knowledge survive in myths and folk tales? If so, what can we, today, learn from them about our own Matrix? […]

Joseph Campbell writes:

‘The figure of the tyrant-monster is known to the mythologies, folk traditions, legends, and even nightmares, [and] of the world; and his characteristics are everywhere essentially the same. He is the hoarder of the general benefit. He is the monster avid for the greedy rights of ‘my and mine’. The havoc wrought by him is described in mythology and fairy tale as being universal throughout his domain.’ {The Hero With A Thousand Faces (New York: MJF 1949) p. 15}

In the present time, it seems that this ‘monster tyrant’ is being manifested from hyperdimensional realities in the form of such as [presidents and dictators, top-level bankers and even the impersonal, elusive nature of the machine world itself], and the monster is becoming more and more evident and overtly active. We seem to be at a point in the cycle of time where it is manifesting in our world in very real and frightening ways. There is an increase of chaos, a loss of vigor of what is good and noble and clean, a decline of virtue of cosmic resources. We are, it seems, living ‘As it was in the days of Noah’. In this sense, we think the homophony of the name of the hero of the movie, Neo, to Noah, is more than coincidental.

In The Matrix, this realization that there was something dreadfully wrong with reality is what drove Neo to search, night and day, for some clue to – what? He did not know. But Morpheus explains to him what the sickness in his soul really is:

‘You have the look of a man who accepts what he sees because he is expecting to wake up. You’re here because you know something. What you know, you can’t explain, but you feel it. You’ve felt it your entire life – that there’s something wrong with the world. You don’t know what it is, but it’s there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad.’(The Matrix)

~Laura Knight-Jadczyk, Secret History of the World

This madness may sound like a curse, but actually it is a great blessing. The COINTELPRO controlled New Age movement with its lack of perspicacity would have you believe otherwise, of course – “to mislead, if possible, even the Elect”. But without seeing the uneasiness of the world, without at least the onset of something resembling clarity as to the immanent presence of the grand charade, the machine world, we cannot begin to “escape the Matrix”, to “build an Ark” – so to speak.

And therein lies the crux of the truth of the “monster tyrant” – that archetypal dark figure that exists in our society, our culture, our governments, our neighborhoods and our families, even our own self. It is the ghost in the darkness of the machine, the darkness that presents itself as the light (even Satan can appear as an angel of light), the distantly familiar parasite that Campbell rightly calls “the hoarder of the general benefit”. Seeing beyond this, WORKING to liberate oneself from its life-sucking grasp is the only Way forward. Contrary to what most of the New Age would have you believe, this Work requires of the seeker not only persistent and unparalleled effort, and unrivaled endurance, but brings the seeker face to face with dire strife and a distinct recognition of what is true about the world and what isn’t – what is VIABLE and what isn’t. 

As we can see from the writings above, we aren’t going anywhere with the speculations of the New Age anymore than we are going to be handed the truth on a silver platter or be saved by Jesus or enlightenment. And in fact, our collective apathy toward the matter is more likely to contribute to the problem – psychologically, sociologically and karmically.

False prophets and teachers have reared their ugly heads in all ages, but certainly we have seen an increasingly steady influx over the past decades. Prognosticators of this or that prophecy or End-Times prediction have come in all shapes and sizes. We are still here and all we can say for sure is that nothing seems to be improving. On the contrary, for those whose eyes are open, it is all clearly getting worse. This brings us to consider that, despite the efforts of COINTELPRO to put everyone to sleep, to prevent them from taking the necessary actions to effect changes, it certainly DOES seem that there IS SOMETHING TO ALL OF THIS. The 2012-ers may have gotten something right, because it is impossible to avoid the realizations of what is going on “out there”. But we had better know what is right and what is not, and avoid the traps…..

Cometary Bombardment & Cyclic Cataclysm

While it may be alluring to imagine that we can transform our world with nothing but prayer and positive thinking, it is vital to consider that there is a great deal of evidence – scientific, historical, and via ancient and parallel textual references – that real transformations of the planet have repeatedly been cataclysmic. A perspective which ignores this fact invites disaster.

All evidence indicates we are dealing with a cyclical process which can be revealed with a close and careful study of the past. The most plausible speculations and theories about how changes of the type we are considering actually manifest is not Pole Shift or a mystery planet or axial precessions, and certainly we see little evidence for cyclical enlightenment. What we do have is an impressive volume of evidence for cyclical cometary bombardment. Why don’t you know all about it? The answer may or may not surprise you.

The “powers that be” have good reason not to tell you about something they can’t do anything about. They’ll push man-made global warming agendas instead, and bring down buildings with airplanes and blame it on muslims, and feed you some nonsense about collective awakenings and positive thinking so you don’t notice – or choose not to look – at the 11 years of war, trillions of wasted dollars, the obliterated economy, the deaths of millions, while you foolishly try to decide which savior to vote for who promises everything he can’t deliver and serves only his corporate overlords. The last thing they want you to know is that they cannot protect you from the wrath of heaven.

If short-period bombardment of our planet by comets or comet dust is a reality (as it increasingly appears to be); and the effects of such an event are deleterious in the extreme; and if we are in fact overdue for a repeat performance of such a visitation (which also appears to be the case); what effect might public awareness of this have on the status quo on the planet at present?Would the bogus ‘war on terror’ not become instantly obsolete and would people across the planet not immediately demand that their political leaders reassess priorities and take whatever action possible to mitigate the threat? And if those political leaders refused to do so and it became known that that this grave threat to the lives of billions was long-standing and common knowledge among the political elite (with all that that implies), what then? 

~Laura Knight-Jadczyk, Comet Biela and Mrs. O’Leary’s Cow

Where’s the proof, you say? Here’s a long list of confirmed sightings and impacts you won’t find on FOX “News”, from April – July, 2012. Here’s what you’ve been missing since the dawn of the ages, just to keep you caught up. And for a running list of now near DAILY events,stay posted here, and here. Please don’t forget this one. Oh, and this one is sure to hit home. And if that doesn’t satisfy your quest for answers on the matter, allow me to also offer the following, which should also handily tidy any loose ends on the Nibiru/Planet X matter:

“…based on the observations of the ancients […] what we are looking for is a recurring shower of comets that cycles through the solar system regularly, on a 3,600-year orbit. […]

We return again to the question: what is the ‘initiator’ of these showers, and did they begin in some interaction with an “outside agent”?

According to scientific studies about the possibilities of our Sun having a companion, periodic comets were ‘bumped’ into the solar system by a dark star, a ‘little brother’ or ‘little sister’ of our own Sun, which has a long, elliptical orbit measured, most likely, in millions of years.

If it is a companion star, present day science pretty clearly demonstrates that it must have a very long period; otherwise, we would notice it quite plainly in orbital perturbations of a certain type. In actual fact, the computer model that best fits the various dynamics is that of a 27 million year orbit. And this, of course, leads us to a considerable difficulty: the period of return of the Dark Star, as opposed to the period of disasters. Obviously, a body with a 27 million year orbit isn’t likely to be remembered. However, an ancient advanced science may have certainly figured it out exactly as it is being proposed in the present day, and it was remembered and passed down in what came to be seen as fantastic myths and legends. [Including the Mayan calendar.] {See for example: Matese, J.J., Whitman, P.G., Whitmore, D.P., “Cometary evidence of a massive body in the outer Oort cloud”Icarus 141: 354-366. 1999.}

The work by these experts suggests that the observations of other binary systems demonstrate the model for the projected separation they have given. Such paired stars are ‘physically connected systems’, and these brown dwarfs are ‘burning’, though non-nuclear. What is more, if it is out there, it never enters the Inner Solar system, though it may [though not necessarily] be seen from afar and may interact with our own Sun in dramatic ways. […]

Thus, we understand that it is not this Twin sun that makes its ‘appearance’ at every period of catastrophe. Nevertheless, the analyses of the periodic comets suggests that it does, at very long periods, again and again, crash through the Oort cloud like a bowling ball through rows of pins, sending a new collection of them spinning into a periodical orbit, and because they follow the the laws of celestial mechanics, they establish an orbit of 3,600 years. This idea has some support from scientific studies,which the theory of the Planet Nibiru as a visitor to the inner solar system does not. 

When we look at the mythology of both Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt, we suspect that these stories do not refer to a ‘Tenth Planet’, but to the presence of the Sun’s dark companion, a failed star classified as a ‘brown dwarf’ [or giant comets or swarms of comets]. It also seems to be the one hypothesis that encompasses all the ‘sub-hypotheses’ of the many researchers who have attempted to deal with different aspects of the problems of the past and future of the earth.

Sitchin proposed that a ’10th Planet’ caroms through the inner solar system.

Scientific evidence does not support a body, the size he suggests, entering into the inner solar system. However,science can support a cluster of comets spread out in space that returns at 3,600-year intervals. In the end, the potential for cataclysmic disruption of the earth is about as bad either way. […] [Only a handful of Tunguska-type eventswould blanket the earth with a dust veil that would bring on famine and possibly induce an Ice Age.]

And so, I repeat: the two great themes of myth are the yearning for the golden age and a terror of a world-destroying catastrophe. The two ideas are inextricably linked to each other. In virtually all of the stories about the Fall from Edenand the Flood of Noah, the great celestial bodies in the heavens were said to have been out of control.”

~Laura Knight-Jadczyk, Secret History of the World

Cometary bombardment is not something we care to consider day-to-day. After all, I figure we have an inbuilt fear of it because of humanity’s long experience of it. What could be more terrifying than exploding fireballs raining down on us from the sky? Can you imagine dozens of Tunguska-type events, laying waste to cities or countryside, generating earthquakes, tsunamis, frightening electro-magnetic phenomena such as light displays, groanings in the earth and sky? We are talking here about events that are truly supra-mythical, downright Biblical!

Nevertheless, once we examine the research, it makes perfect sense and coalesces in our reckoning – not only of the many references in our ancient texts, including the Bible (many times), but also in our realization that we are cosmic beings, and what better way to go than fire from the cosmos? How epic! (No pun intended.) And I scarcely think I would have to point out that a large enough rock hitting our planet would certainly account for any type of Great Deluge – whether of fire or water. There’s no reason to think that a large asteroid or comet striking anywhere on the 75% of the Earth that is covered by water wouldn’t relocate said water elsewhere – at least temporarily.

The fact that cometary bombardment is largely overlooked is an interesting phenomenon that deserves consideration. NASA knows it happens, FEMA knows it happens, other agencies know it happens, they just don’t want YOU to know it happens because they would very quickly lose control of the show, especially since governments have a vested interest in us believing that they keep us safe. To that end, they create distractions such as inducing you to hate muslims you never met. Nevertheless, cyclic cometary bombardment is something that is rapidly becoming unavoidably obvious.

This ‘new catastrophism’, is not unlike the revolutions brought about by the heliocentric solar system of Copernicus, or Darwinian evolution, or the big bang. In retrospect, such revolutionary ideas always seem obvious. On reading the Origin of SpeciesThomas Huxleyremarked simply: ‘Why didn’t I think of that.’ Now, looking at the Moon, we find ourselves wondering why it took so long to ask whether the process that cratered its surface is still going on.”

~Robert L. Park of The American Physical Society, Lori B. Garver of the National Space Society and Terry Dawson, a staffer for the House Committee on Science, Technology, and Space working for the Committee’s then Chairman, Rep. George Brown

Building the Ark

Sooner or later – if we are doing the Work and truly paying attention – we come to the incontrovertible conclusion that the world is lost, that its all a lie and that there’s nothing we can do can fix it, save facing facts and continuing the Work. And even this is just a starting point, a way to begin to recognize the appropriate subsequent actions to take. It is here that the Work really becomes the Great Work of “building the Ark”, of “finding the Grail”, of “escaping the Matrix”, etc.

“Building the Ark” is a great, and in many ways, imposing, task. No time to waste!

Stop thinking we can fix things with the same level of thinking that causes the problems! This is nonsense; bandaids don’t remedy terminal wounds! When, due to carelessness you are seriously injured, you need a doctor with special training and knowledge to fix it; the same carelessness is not going to save you; being further careless and thinking a bandaid will fix it means that you are going to bleed to death! Ironically, from a shallow level of thinking, we take this to mean that we have to trust someone else to solve our problems. No! YOU have to do it! YOU have to become that “doctor”; YOU have to gain that knowledgeYOUhave to achieve that ability. Then you not only heal your wounds, you no longer put yourself at risk of injury. But the world is full of lazy people who prefer to trust any snake-oil salesman who comes along and claims to have the “medicine” that will cure everything that ails you. This is the trap! In this, we forego our responsibility to Right Living!

Any intelligent fool can see the glaring contradictions in our world and yet still we act as though we can resolve an act of war by going to war! We act as though we can fix economic collapse by printing more money and giving it to the very same people who caused the collapse in the first place! We act as though voting for a new and better president to “represent us” is going to fix a problem that has nothing to do with who’s calling the shots in Washington. We act as though a new and better technology is going to solve our environmental concerns without recognizing the fact that this has never, ever, been the case with science; that always and ever have truly valuable discoveries been hijacked or suppressed by the machine – while we stand idle, imagining that next time the system will work, so no need to fret or rouse ourselves to any responsible action. We act as though disengaging our focus from unpleasant facts and focusing on “love” makes those conditions magically disappear! We act as though we can sit on our hands and get Enlightened, because all we’ve ever really known is sitting on our hands! We act as though we can oscillate from one gratuitous distraction to the next and be free.

These acts are born from fragmented and shallow thinking. Simply put, thought becomes an emotional response and this response moves us to act. Ergo, when the thinking is corrupt, the act is corrupt. When nearly all actions are corrupt, we no longer recognize the corruption. This exchanging of truth for lies, this reversal of values, has been imposed upon us, little by little, and has become “normal” to the population at large. This is a travesty. We are drowning in a Deluge of our own making! Building the Ark that will carry us through this Deluge involves first recognizing this Truth, and then following the instructions on how to build an Ark! That is, we must struggle mightily to acquire objectivity via a valid esoteric method that faces the facts of the impending dissolution and gives practical instruction on how to navigate the flood.

If we only knew what Illusion is, we would then know the opposite: what Truth is. This Truth would liberate us from slavery.~Boris Mouravieff

And so we see that nothing is resolved if nothing is done to change oneself first. Nothing is resolved by the same manner of thinking and behaving that causes the problems. In fact, this only ever gives rise to more problems, and indeed, problems of even greater complexity.Only a pure and refined intellect born of a pure and refined consciousness, leading to a cosmic perspective (“atop the Mountain”), is capable of realizing what must be done, and possessing the means by which to do it.

Recognizing the problem as a problem, this is one thing; understanding the problem is something else! Understanding what to do about the problem is even greater, but really being able to do what needs to be done, with that Understanding, this is truly of value! You see, it is beingABLE to do it that matters; everything else is just talk, politics, intellectual masturbation! Its time to grow up! This involves seeing things as they are, making the darkness conscious and revealing the monster tyrant – within and without. For the darkness isn’t darkness when illuminated by the light of True Awareness and Understanding; it is a liberated and available Clarity and Being that is no longer invested in being “the hoarder of the general benefit”. Rather it sees that Service to others is the Way and that the greatest Service is building the Ark, first within yourself, and thus to be able to join with all those others who see the waters rising. 

We are most powerful in our ability to change things for the better when we are first available to see things exactly as they are, without projections, without blind hope. We are best able to cross the road safely when we first look both ways. Looking forward is of course pertinent to crossing the road as well, but if we don’t look both ways first, there is danger. And just because you may make it across the little alleyway behind your house without looking both ways, this is no proof that you can do the same on a busy superhighway. And we have many, many roads to cross! Laws of probability – indicative of the General Law – ensure you are going to get mowed downunless you learn to look both ways and see the traffic, objectively. It is not positive thinking which avoids awareness of the negative that brings positive change; it is positive perseverance in light of the negative that does! Including the negative – the darkest, densest aspects of it – in your Field of Awareness, will supply truly positive and compassionate contrast which will clearly define your Field of Action. Further, cultivating positive perseverance in the face of chaos and disaster is truly Loving and worthy of the Divine Center – the place from which to effect Right Action and thus qualitative and quantitative change, abundantly in your life as well as the lives of others.

Coming to the appropriate conclusions involves Right Effort. In this we can develop the powers of discernment via the appropriate methods and via connectivity to the right network of fellow seekers, reading the right materials and living the Right Way. This itself is a journey of discovery, but it begins with asking the question: red pill or blue pill? Which side of the “Noah Syndrome” are you on? Are you a sleepwalker or a Grail Quester? …an Authoritarian Follower or a Sovereign Warrior? And once you answer that question, it becomes the basis of the Work, and seeking thereafter means discerning Truth from lies – which means differentiating between the lies we tell ourselves to feel good and comfortable, and the hard work of facing facts and building an Ark.

“The fact of the matter is that our planet and everything on it comprises an intelligent and living system that has designed into it a mechanism through which any imbalance in any aspect of the system can be dealt with. Consider the way in which animal populations are naturally kept in check via predators or disease. This mechanism is designed to protect the overall system and prevent any one aspect from compromising the evolutionary goals of the system itself. Humans have evolved to the point where they have no natural predators [ostensibly], and while disease still kills many human beings each year, modern medicine has succeeded (so far) in preventing a pandemic from wiping out the human race. But it would be foolhardy for anyone to think that the ‘living system’ has overlooked human beings when it comes to redressing any imbalance caused by human beings that threatens the aim of the overall living system. We trust that what we have written here provides ample evidence that it has not.

We also hope that it is fairly clear that human beings, as a species on planet earth, have reached a point of serious imbalance, both in terms of their effect on the planet and on other living beings on it, and in terms of humanity’s own proper evolution which can be defined as evolution in knowledge and consciousness. Clearly, humanity today has stalled in its evolution. Indeed it appears to be back-sliding at an alarming rate, due primarily to the influence of the deviant ideology spread by psychopaths in positions of power around the world. We need only consider the fact that billions of people today have bought into and support the lie that is the psychopathic ‘war on terror’, which has as its goal the murder and domination of as many innocent people as possible. What does that fact alone (among many other deceptions that people have bought in to) say about the level of knowledge and awareness of the human race as a whole?” 

~Joe Quinn and Niall Bradley, Reign of Fire: Meteorites, Wildfires, Planetary Chaos and the Sixth Extinction

“Light vs Dark”, by Nicoescochi

“In the pit of Hell, during the descent into chaos, man is awakened by the Goddess who brings the good tidings of his salvation and imminent liberation and restoration to the Edenic state of innocence. As it was in the days of Noah, Noah built an Ark. The coming of the Goddess represents the coming of knowledge, of wisdom, of understanding the hyperdimensional realities by means of the symbols of our reality which are, ultimately, only shadows on the cave wall of Plato’s allegory.

[According to the ancients] Time was cyclical. The world might end, but if it did, it was only because it had “run down” and needed to be ‘wound up’ again. All of the elements of the story of Noah are found in these myths. ‘As it was in the days of Noah.’ “

~Laura Knight-Jadczyk, Secret History of the World

The Truth has always been important, but we need it now more than ever. Not because it is now more valuable than before, but because we are facing what may be the extinction of humanity, and only the Truth can set us Free. This is not an article to be read and dismissed. Nor will the validity of this essay expire on December 21st – unlike most of the New Age theories on the matter. What is stated herein represents an enormous degree of research and contributions from many very knowledgeable and dedicated people in a variety of disciplines – including nearly 150 hyperlinks, which themselves are portals to a wealth of further knowledge. I encourage the reader as well to read Laura’s momentous book, Secret History of the World. What I have provided herein is enough to get one started, and illustrate the immediate need to do so, but it is only scratching the surface of a much greater Knowledge. In the Age of Information, ignorance is a choice, and as always, the choice is yours. The hour is late; there is no time for half-hearted hopes, escapism and good intentions. Work is needed. Many are called, but few choose to answer.

“Let those with ears to hear, listen and understand.”

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