Be able to say that you actually was here!

We should all take time to relax and to enjoy life. Life is a wonderful experience. It is an experience that we enjoy on such a beautiful planet called Earth.

We should all, even if for a moment forget our differences, religious beliefs, disputes, climate change, global economic crisis, natural disasters, disease, war, fear, fear of the loss of work…

Forget FEAR …Embrace LOVE…Speak and act from your Heart not your mind…The mind should be the servant of the heart and not the other way around…and everything can be achieved.

Forget all of this if only for a moment. Because humanity deserves this moment of peace harmony and unity. Let’s all be ONE and FREE. We should all be what our planet is “The pearl of the Universe”.

Let this post be an ode to human race. This video should help you to relax and enjoy and as I said at the beginning, Even if only for a moment.


Written by Founder of TBU NEWS Željko Mihajlović

Best Regards