About TPV:

The People’s Voice will balance what we, and the public who have made the station possible, see as a massive flaw in mainstream media coverage of the world and events.

The People’s Voice TV

There is a vast body of view and opinion and growing by the day ­ which is excluded from mainstream sources and we intend to balance that by offering people the chance to express their views and opinions and not only those that mainstream sources choose to present.

We do not accept that the mainstream media fulfils the Ofcom guidelines of fairness, balance and impartiality because of the views, information and research that is constantly excluded, but we intend to do just that.

There are many ways to see the same situation and The People’s Voice will explore as many as possible to offer a far wider and more balanced range of information from which the viewer can choose what to accept, not accept and believe.

We intend to treat adults as adults and not as children ­ not as some uniform herd, but as individuals with equal rights to their views, opinions and perceptions.

The People’s Voice (TPV) is a free-to-watch service established to give a voice to those that never have the opportunity to appear in the mainstream media and have their views, opinions and experiences discussed and communicated.

Our news presenters will question everything in pursuit of the truth behind an event, situation or opinion and not simply accept the official version by default. TPV will give voice to all sides of opinion ­including the official and conventional ­ to allow the viewers to reach their own conclusions. Many programmes will be made by the public themselves to this end.

The People’s Voice will respect the right of people to freely express their opinion in a non-aggressive and non-judgmental environment, their right to the free flow of information and to see and explore all possibilities on every subject. Mainstream scientists will be invited to contribute to our science and paranormal programming to be questioned on their views and opinions in the same way as those with alternative views. Not only will The People’s Voice offer a platform to mainstream opinion ­ it is our primary goal to question the official and alternative view of everything in the spirit of real journalism and the pursuit of the truth.

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