The Fall – New Age Symbolism and Mysticism

Celebrities are found of new age symbolism mysticism and Kabbalah. You can see Masonic symbol’s, Egyptian Babylonian and many others. Themes are variating from end of the world and creationism to visionary and futuristic approach. Is this all deliberately and part of some global agenda or it is just a good marketing and approach from which world celebrities are profiting massively ?

Rihanna , Lady Gaga and many more but the most prominent of them all is Madonna. This is not the first time that Madonna is involved in this story but in her latest video “Ghostown” you can see all of the themes combined. End of the world as we know it by nuclear war, the fall of humanity, Masonic symbol’s on the beginning of the song, chessboard, eternal game, dance between woman and he who comes, satanic symbolism, mysticism and Kabbalah, manifestations of Love and Loss in some twisted way , (but isn’t love always twisted) man and women in the new brave world (Adam and Eve and a child)…etc you can see them all. Madonna gives as a dark vision of the world trough apocalyptic event (one year from  now) blending with creationism and futuristic new brave world after the apocalypse.

From dark to light or from chaos to order but what kind of order ? New World Order ?

So the question is: Does this song tell’s us a story about love and loss of Love, about rise and fall ? Is it a deliberate agenda or just good marketing ?

Or it is everything combined ?

Nevertheless their songs videos and  lyrics are full of new age stuff and energetically they are influencing as all.

Best Regards