TBU NEWS Statement – People Voice does matter

As you all have noticed TBU NEWS is not letting and publishing any comments to this site. This can seem much unusual, not friendly , not responsive  etc but in fact it is the TBU NEWS decision not to post any comments nor god nor bad. Why is that?

The first thing is that TBU NEWS is always concerned about your security as you can see wee have https and other privacy and security options that gives you the reader some privacy while you are browsing trough TBU NEWS. It is not bulletproof but it is some kind of privacy. Also TBU NEWS is constantly upgrading its security and privacy options.

TBU NEWS is going to share one data with you:

Just in three months TBU NEWS has had

2,811 malicious login attempts

to TBU NEWS, these were only attempts not successful malicious login. Thanks to our security/privacy options and good people working on this matter ( hosting company, security , Google for their help in keeping the accounts etc safe and secure,  Facebook for their privacy and security options on keeping TBU NEWS F-page safe , Microsoft for their robust security and privacy and many others)

The second but not the least important reason why TBU NEWS is not publishing any comments is because TBU NEWS does not want the info that we provide to be tainted by trolling, by endless discussions that can turn the subject of the article that was published in some other direction. TBU NEWS is trying to keep your focus on a clean info and when you read it you but only you should decide with your free mind what to do with it without any outside influence etc. That is the main idea behind this move your decision do you believe it or not do you find these information usefully or not does these information makes you to research more or not  etc it is all up to you. TBU NEWS is not perfection is not the ultimate truth but TBU NEWS is truing to be objective as much as it can giving you the both sides of the medal.

TBU NEWS must mention that the only place where  we do allow comments is TBU NEWS YouTube channel (without any censorship except where hate speech racial etc is involved.

Know this TBU NEWS is constantly receiving your comments and all of your comments are being red each one of them. So yes TBU NEWS is giving attention to your comments because they do mean and TBU NEWS do care for them.

Because of this starting from first January 2016 TBU NEWS is going to have a section called PEOPLE VOICE where you can send to TBU NEWS your stories, your dealings with life, injustice that happened to you or around you, your thoughts your own articles and  TBU NEWS only ask you that things you share with us follow the theme of TBU NEWS and its interest in topics that TBU NEWS shares.

After reviewing what you have sent, TBU NEWS is going to publish your stories without any censorship whatsoever except hate speech racial etc and maybe with some grammatical correction if it is needed.

If you decide your stories are going to go out completely anonymously. Every information that you share with TBU NEWS is not going to go outside without your permission.

Starting form this moment you can send us your stories for PEOPLE VOICE at email: [email protected]

And starting for 1st December of 2015 you can freely comment on every single article that we publish because TBU NEWS is going to post them on TBU NEWS You Tube channel.

Every single comment is read and it will be read i promise you that, and if you ask for TBU NEWS answer you are going to receive it.

And at the end i must share with you one comment the ending part from the conversation with one of our readers that was sent to TBU NEWS:

TBU NEWS: “Thanks for following us Best Regards TBU NEWS”

Reader: “I would not call it following but a place where i come back for inspiration”

TBU NEWS: “Good ,you made a right point, that is what exactly TBU NEWS represents.”

Founder of TBU NEWS Zeljko Mihajlovic

Best Regards Truth, Love and Light

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