TBU NEWS – Happy holidays and Happy New Year

We live in turbulent times. World is in deep crisis, humanity is in crisis. We have wars all around the globe, hunger, sickness, climate is changing fast, global economy is in crisis, debt is rising, injustice is rising, fear can be felt, fear of los of every kind etc. But we have changed and we are going to change. Down the road there maybe some disappointments, bad things for you and around you but its what it is.

So we are in struggle but we are still here and we are persistent. We should be persistent humanity will prevail and at the every end of the tunnel there is a light.

TBU NEWS is going to continue to give its small contribution and will try to inspire you and to inform you as best as possible.

We are all one and we should stick as one. No religion, no political opinion, no tradition, no diversity and  no fear should devide us.

There is much that we can give to each other: love, appreciation, respect, help when its needed a smile a hug a kind word.

There is much that humanity has given to this world and some of them are very beautiful and inspiring things. Music, art, technology, books, knowledge, monuments, research etc. There are so many beautiful things that sarounds us, that this planet has given to us. It is nature in it’s purest beauty that we sometime do not care for and take it for granted. We should not take our HOME for granted.

TBU NEWS wishes you the best, Happy holidays and Happy new year. Enjoy these beautiful moments with you family your loved ones your friends your partner your neighbour’s. Enjoy life. Smile a lot , have a drink, have a kiss have a party.

Be hopefull and persistent for this next year that is coming, it is going to be better because you can make it better.

Enjoy life in love happiness and health.

Best Regards from Founder of TBU NEWS Zeljko Mihajlovic