TBU NEWS (end of the year statement) – “Sorry but we are evolving and we will continue to evolve further”

Thanks to everyone for the support given to TBU NEWS thanks for reading, watching sharing and following us. The year that was behind us was a great year full of interesting events that will eventually shape next 2015th and our future.

As you know TBU NEWS primary goal was, is and is going to be objectiveness as much as possible in seeking for truth, publishing and sharing of information’s.

10620899_10203411189375116_2062881169_nRead more about our goal it will never change:


But lets speak honestly TBU NEWS was not so objective in past couple of months maybe this whole year.

Why is that? First and most important reason for that is that TBU NEWS is run by a human being not a machine, robot or some business media conglomerate. Nothing of that sort! Second reason for losing objectivity was the research that TBU NEWS conducted and when you research you discover and when you discover human beings tend to change their mind and sometimes to follow. Follow the idea that occurred while the research was going on and when it’s finished. It’s a simple human trait. TBU NEWS has/had its point of view as we all people have because it’s run by human being and humans do make mistakes and are often wrong.

Sorry for that.

There is an evident feeling that informations that TBU NEWS is publishing and sharing are one-minded.

Yes they are (at some level) and Why is that? Because TBU NEWS researched many things, many topics and then decided what to publish and what to share but the mistake was that informations didn’t gave you another perspective another point of view for you to compare, to research by yourself and to make your own conclusions what is right or wrong. I don’t say that you do not do that by yourself but TBU NEWS must do that also.

So in future TBU NEWS is going to be informative and objective in this seeking for truth as much as possible. TBU NEWS is going to try to give you opinions from different perspectives and will try to fulfil its goal.

Humans learn. That is the main reason why we evolve. Knowledge is the basis of evolution.

TBU NEWS is not different. We are evolving and we will continue to evolve further.

As i sad before I have nothing special to say. TBU NEWS is run by a simple human being.

Merry Christmas Happy New Year and all of the traditions that makes you happy and gives you the satisfaction, enjoyable and joyful moments whit your family friends and people that you love.

Love is greatest power in the universe. The Power that can’t be touched smelled or seen. Nevertheless its power. Big power!

One Anegdote:

One man asks another on a dying bed:

What are you thinking about right now 5 minutes before you die? Do you think about that parking ticket, politics, gender, sexual preference, colour of your skin, traditions, money, job success etc.. etc.. ?

And he answered:

No for gad sake i am scared of what lies in front of me and i only think about one thing about love. How much and who i loved, how much others loved me and what will happen with my loved ones.

“How i loved and how much i was loved”

Love and only Love.

Enjoy these two songs and Let Love, Light and truth guide you true 2015th.

Best Regards
Founder: Željko Mihajlović

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