TBU NEWS BALKAN – in Serb/Croat – Coming soon

Hi, TBU NEWS has one important announcement to make. Soon you will be able to follow TBU NEWS in Serbian and Croatian language. The idea of TBU NEWS has always been to connect the people to inform and to educate people. TBU as a small media publishing has accomplished a lot and I have to say again and many times more THANK YOU all for visiting, following, giving support to TBU NEWS to survive and to inspire you more and more. TBU NEWS thinks that Slavic people  (in this case south slavs) deserves a branch of TBU NEWS for them selves. Slavic people and their roots are deeply imbedded and are part of the most greatest values of human society.

TBU NEWS international / english version https://tbunews.com is going to remain the main headquarters of TBU NEWS publishing and TBU NEWS BALKAN https://tbunews.info  is going to become new branch of TBU NEWS for Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Macedonia published in Serb-Croat Language.

The same rule is going to be implied fro TBU NEWS Balkan as for TBU NEWS international is. NO comments and no interaction of any kind on the article’s are allowed. Why ? Because these information that you read on TBU NEWS are for you to read and later for you to decide what to think about them without any influence. Should you take the for granted or not should you research more or not. It’s up to you. Interactions are allowed on TBU NEWS YouTube.

Every single article that has ever been published on TBU NEWS is going to be translated and published into Serb-Croat Language. Also every video on TBU NEWS YouTube is going to be translated or subtitled into Serb-Croat. Almost everything.

For time being other TBU NEWS capacities are going to be shared between TBU NEWS international and TBU NEWS BALKAN.

We do not need any barriers between people and in this case TBU NEWS is going to remove one barrier more between English speaking  countries and Serb-Croat region of understanding.

Let’s share the information and let it be understood by everyone.

Best Regards

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