SCOTUS Hearings – “US is not the only beacon in the world, but it is among those one which light shapes the Future of us all”

Opinion: “I have something short but important to say about United States #SCOTUS Hearings. As an independent journalist I have a right to an opinion. I have earn that right by birth and by deeds. What happens in United States does reflects the reality of the entire world. US is not the only beacon in the world but it’s among those one which light shapes the Future of us all!

US Senate Scotus hearings involving Brett Kavanaugh alleged misconduct are an absolute disgrace which i have never seen in my entire life, not on television nor in reality. US Republicans must come together in absolute unity, without any shred of doubt and confirm Brett Kavanaugh as a new Supreme Court Justice. Confirmation is the only proper end to this outrageous charade!

This is a charade! The Purpose of this charade, of this witch hunt is not only to destroy credibility of Brett Kavanaugh and halt supreme court nomination (at least after the midterms) Its true goal is to obstruct Trump Administration in any way possible to fulfil their agenda and to suffocate the free will of the people of United States of America.

To everyone out there: For god sake watch the video above from the beginning till the end, as many times you need to…
To Democrats and Republicans: Do you know what you are doing?!

Written by The Founder of TBU NEWS: Zeljko Mihajlovic
Best Regards