We are living in very interesting and turbulent times. Humanity is on the verge of some major  change. We as a species must chose and make some important  decisions regarding our collective future. Times are turbulent but we must stand still with our open hearts and clear thoughts. We have to give one last chance to a brighter perspective of our future and to people that we do care for.

The Gap between classes is getting wider and wider each day that passes by. You have super rich and you have super poor. The golden middle class has almost disappeared. This is a very unfortunate situation because we all live in the same world of plenty and there are entire communities and countries that are starving.

We have done much to technically develop ourselves but spiritually we have not moved pass the amoeba. Sad but it is the truth. Our technical development is not in sync with our spiritual one and one without another can not go far. Do not misinterpret me wrong i do not consider myself to be a religious person or something like that. Nor I am against tech. No, not at all. However I do consider technology and its development to be crucial and inseparable part of human development. We do need tech achievements pointing in right direction. Spirituality is also an inseparable part of human society. Those two can not be separated, must not be separated we are not machines we are more than that. We have always been more than that.

Science should help us not guide us. Guiding is Spirituality job.

I have started with tech/science and spirituality because those two are very important. But lets go at some sub-levels of the same. Let me try to better explain what is wrong with us and why our time to do things in a right way is slowly running out.

Dealing with each other on a personal level

We have forgot to speak the truth to one another. We are using more lies in dealing with each other then ever before. We are deeply enjoying our deceptions and illusions. We are so distorted that we have begun to believe in those illusions with whom we are constantly feeding each other day by day. Constant game playing , trying to put others down for many reasons: to feel powerful over somebody, to earn respect from others, to achive some “hiden” goal, to show loyalty to system, group or a person. Some of us are prepared to create and provoke okward and disharmonious situations in dealing with each other purposely just to get what they want or to provoke a further conflict in which they will act as victims and you will be portrayed as a perpetrator.

What the truth and reality is,  those kind of people are in fact victims and perpetrators in one. Victims of their own illusion’s  and deceptions. Perpetrators because of constant pressing others to accept the Distortion that they serve and in which they live and feel comfortable.

But the most important thing is the reason why these situations do happen. Simple answer. We are afraid to hear and to speak the truth. The truth is the ultimate weapon of destruction for Distorted views and systems that relay on that Distortion. So what is the problem? Fear Fear Fear.

Fear is the problem…..

(article is still in progress)

Best Regards