Once you are awake, you never want to sleep again!

Earlier today United States President Donald J. Trump has unleashed him self towards the former FBI agent McCabe and ongoing Muller probe by remind us all that Russia collusion is a fake story constructed by deep state and fake media for just one purpose in mind, to nullify the victory of Trump and the people that gave him support during US Presidential Elections in 2016. They can not except that they (Democrats) have lost the elections due to free will of the people. They can not except that! Why?

Because if they do except the results then they are admitting that Old World Order is collapsing and the new one has been born. If they do except the results that it was a movement of the people, by the people and for the people then it would be  “GAME OVER” for them. BREXIT, US Elections, Italy, France, Germany the movement is spreading. Free will of the people is spreading and they can not do a thing to stop it. Not a thing!

U.S. President Donald J. Trump remarks from earlier today:

“As the House Intelligence Committee has concluded, there was no collusion between Russia and the Trump Campaign. As many are now finding out, however, there was tremendous leaking, lying and corruption at the highest levels of the FBI, Justice & State.”

“The Fake News is beside themselves that McCabe was caught, called out and fired. How many hundreds of thousands of dollars was given to wife’s campaign by Crooked H friend, Terry M, who was also under investigation? How many lies? How many leaks? Comey knew it all, and much more!

“The Mueller probe should never have been started in that there was no collusion and there was no crime. It was based on fraudulent activities and a Fake Dossier paid for by Crooked Hillary and the DNC, and improperly used in FISA COURT for surveillance of my campaign. WITCH HUNT!”Wow, watch Comey lie under oath to Senator G when asked “have you ever been an anonymous source…or known someone else to be an anonymous source…?” He said strongly “never, no.” He lied as shown clearly on .”

Spent very little time with Andrew McCabe, but he never took notes when he was with me. I don’t believe he made memos except to help his own agenda, probably at a later date. Same with lying James Comey. Can we call them Fake Memos?”

“Why does the Mueller team have 13 hardened Democrats, some big Crooked Hillary supporters, and Zero Republicans? Another Dem recently added…does anyone think this is fair? And yet, there is NO COLLUSION!” said Trump.

Russia has been taken as a perfect candidate to blame for everything:

  1. Russia has been blamed for meddling in US elections.
  2. Russia has been blamed for meddling in UK referendum and Brexit. Apparently nobody remembers just one SIMPLE FACT that 17 million people have voted “out” of the EU! Nobody is seeing that Theresa May is not delivering the free will of the people. Globalist are doing everything but i mean everything to overturn the free will of the people in the UK and all around the world.
  3. Russia has been blamed for making trouble and meddling in elections in Balkans, France, Italy, Germany…For god sake everywhere and everything is Russia wrong doing…This is not even a possibility to be true! Why? Russia is one nation “against” the rest of the world. Not against (with all due respect to) Zimbabwe or Macedonia but “against” United States, United Kingdom and all of the superpowers there. These countries are not amateurs, these countries have great security, intelligence, military and resources that you can not even imagine but still one country (nevertheless if its Russia) has played them all. Ladies and gentleman this is stupidity in its best. My 7 year old daughter would not believe in this kind of fairy-tails. It seems that Russia is the greatest super power of them all. NO, It is not true! IT WOULD BE TRUE if Russia was alone on this planet. But it is not. Please remember the differences in military budget spending and Snowden scandal…Please remember.
  4. Russia  has been blamed for media war and propaganda…really…Do you really want to go in that direction and that far?!  What about CNN, BBC, MSNBC an the rest …Do you remember what have you done in just couple of few decades in the past? It was good while you where dominating the information flow all around the world but now its a problem?! People need second opinion but not to believe in one but to be able to make their own decision! This is the point of free will. Have you forgot that? Have you forgot what is the meaning of words “freedom of speech” and “freedom of press”?!
  5.  You are desperately trying to convince us that the reality is an illusion and illusion is the reality.

“Sorry but that will not work, once you are awake, you never want to sleep again. “

As of RT I really but really do like their moto “Question more” Yes we should all question more from the day when we are born till the day we die. But that is the problem right, you do not want us to question you want us to follow?!


TBU NEWS is not defending the Russians, NO, not at all. They are not perfect either. We are defending the free will of the people. Neither: Trump, deep state, Putin, Theresa May, EU or anybody in this world  can stop what is happening right now…they can just prolong it but not stop it. The change has begun and it only depends how will it be played, but the outcome is inevitable.

Will we go trough our most beautiful dreams or trough our worst nightmares to get there?

We shall see!

Written by Founder of TBU NEWS Željko Mihajlović

Best Regards




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