Starting from Sunday 4th of December and on every week that comes you will be able to follow TBU NEWS YouTube weekly report. Weekly Report will deal with topics that TBU NEWS research on daily basis with all of the important reports from all around the world that happened during the week that has passed. You will be able to follow world news, politics, topics about society and humanity, science, exoscience, beyond and much more.

In mean time  during the week you will be able to follow TBU NEWS Breaking News report regarding important world events and events around us.

It is not all!

In future  TBU NEWS will continue and is planing to publish more interesting videos and documentaries regarding the topics that TBU NEWS research.

We sincerely apologize for lack of articles and reports during some time but i think that TBU NEWS is going to make it up for you.

As promised TBU NEWS is and going to stay OBJECTIVE AND INSPIRING

Best Regards