When you decide to play “the game” of consciousness and life. When you decide to play the game of right or wrong, dark and light. Be aware that what has a beginning has to have its end or its outcome.

But if you decide to play it anyway, remember that its very important how the game is played. What have you lost and achieved during that game. You will loose something in the process no matter how hard you may try not to loose. But don’t loose yourself. Try not to loose your soul. There is a possibility that you may.

Be mindful of the game goal, especially if the goal is harmony and balance. To make balance and compromise trough raw honesty of the moment is the hardest goal to achieve. A goal that will cost you the most.

Why is that ?

You have to pay attention not to cross the line. Not to hurt somebody or somebody close to you and dear to your heart. Try not to do something that you will regret for the rest of your life. Be mindful that some things, words and events may push you into the conflict and war that you don’t want. Try to resit the temptation. It is very hard to constantly dance and play at the far edges of extreme, lie’s, deceptions, fear, truth, information disinformation etc.

But , Do not  allow to be mislead and tricked in any way. Do not allow to be put a sleep by your own convictions and by your own choice. Yes We are all one, but one with all of our diversity, choices and convictions. Darkness and Light included. Your convictions and choice is not as same as mine nor its our perception of right and wrong. So be prepared to fight and to go to “war. Sometimes it is. If eventually you go to “war” then be prepared to lose, to be hurt and to hurt others as well. Be street wise and do not allow your principals and your search for balance to be used against you.

You have to pass trough the darkest dark to see and appreciate the light. If you do not see the light you can not demand from others to see it. Never loose the line of events everything is and should be interconnected. Be prepared to sacrifice things to sacrifice yourself ( try not to lose yourself) be prepared to forgive and forget and to accept responsibility. What goes around comes around.

Maybe no one will see it or be satisfied with the outcome of the game. Its in human nature to be victorious. There is no greatest victory than to achieve balance and harmony. It is very sad when balance is achieved through extremes that I have mentioned above but nevertheless, balance is balance and its in Human Nature and human frequency that things are as they are in this predator reality.

Don’t have regrets because you have done as much as human possible in this kind of Game.

Don’t make any excuses you are just lying to yourself. Universe will not betray you, you can only betray yourself. Just follow the signs along the road, put the pieces of the puzzle together  listen to your soul and never detach from your true self  from the source of your true consciousness.

The Final Variable 

Have in mind that eventually the game has to finish and has to have an outcome. We have to make a choice and a decision that will define the outcome. Sometimes the conflict is inevitable. If it is inevitable then let it be just a last resort to achieve the balance not a mean to blend into the darkness. Darkness and Light is a matter of choice not an inevitability. We should try but it does not mean that we will succeed. Eventual it will end.

One Way or Another it will End!

When you say to yourself its time to Stop or when you say its Enough then the THE GAME IS OVER. 

Everything that has a beginning has its end!

Written by Founder of TBU NEWS Zeljko Mihajlovic
(this article has been published on Sep 26. 2016 and updated on May 07. 2017 )

Best Regards
Truth, Light and Knowledge

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