Frequency of perception

TBU NEWS has received some messages and comments from its readers / subscribers on some specific topics. I feel the need to try to answer on some of those questions.

Everything that surrounds us is frequency, energy and vibration. Lets call it energy of life. These vibrations can shape our reality in this world, in this universe and we are shaping it constantly, even right now as we speak. People say humans are with endless potential, sentient beings, with wonderful dreams and achievements. Yes it’s true. But also there is a very different side of that same coin / story. The world has never been distorted as much as it is at this point of our human evolution. Why ? As i said before humans are capable of beautiful things, but we are also capable to do great misery to our selves and everyone around us on unimaginable scale. We are constantly feeding the wrong wolf.

Energy of Life

Some people do think that the answer lies in conflict with everybody that do think differently. A Conflict because we are not the same. Because we do not share someone political view, their opinion, religious view, color of skin,  science, understanding of life .etc These and more are the divisions on which this human distortion survives. It has survived on those same divisions for ages.

Take down these divisions and distortion will end!

Due to these division bad things tend to happen and they often go at their extremes. You should not outlaw nobody because they are simply different. Diversity in existence is one of the most precious things that humanity has to offer and that it should cherish. Diversity of life and diversity of opinion in one frequency. Frequency of life. Just try to imagine vastness of cosmos that is teaming with life connected in that same vibration, frequency and energy. Connected beyond. Are you assuming that everything and everywhere is the same? Just look at our planet we have thousands of spices animal, plants .etc  Are they all the same? Do they look to you the same ? NO not at all.  They do not, but they do coexist because they all are part of this existence and reality and they all have their purpose as I do, as You do as We all do.

“As above so below. It just depends which wolf you feed.”

TBU NEWS has been asked  to give an opinion on a comment that was about outlawing other religions from existence due to various extremes that are happening all around the world right now as we speak: terrorism.etc

To be precise the question was:

“what about Islam? How do you explain what they do to their children in teaching them jihad and to suicide bomb other people? Should not Islam be outlawed from humanity?”

The answer is NO. Misinterpretations of books and lack of knowledge creates these things, these horrible things that happen all-round the world. Commentator has mentioned one of those horrible things, but as I said above  there are many other  factors why things are the way they are. So I have to repeat NO, TBU NEWS does not think that any religion Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Jewish, Buddhism, Islam.. should be outlawed from humanity. Every single man women or child is an integral and inseparable part of this society. We are all ONE. We should be able to learn how to respect, listen and help each other more in every way. This is the main reason why it’s being called “Human Society”.

Then more questions came:

“what are your personal beliefs?…. Do you expect me to believe that you hold all of them as equals, that their gods and goddesses are all the same, that their views are all equal?….Those that come to kill you will not give a damn about what you believe or intend, and your high minded philosophy about how we all should live together will be as dead as you are. You will defend life, will you not? Innocent life?” …etc

I have repeated this many times and i will do it this time too but with some add-ons :

TBU NEWS does not wants to give its own conclusions because it does not want to influence somebody else’s. I am trying to be objective as much as possible and let others decide and get conclusions. But if you want my personal stand on this topic (God) I will just say that someone is calling it God (from religious point of view) someone calls it creator, nature, universe, science, magic etc. But i like to think of it as energy and vibration that penetrates everything and that can be found in everything not only in every living matter but in everything. On our planet, in our universe and beyond. It surround us and it bond’s us with everything. If you ask me about “soul” yes I think it exits (but i am not referring to it as from a religious point of view).

Science and Spirituality (i am not going to call it religion) has much in common more then we perceive and that we can perceive. And one without another can not accomplish much. Also i was asked would I defend life, innocent life specifically? Yes my answer is Yes “always and everywhere” as much as I can (as much, as we can)  and in best of our possibilities / abilities. We all should do it. If I understood the question well (about defending the life in the way the commentator thought) my answer is:

Only when everything else fails and when every other resource is wasted, only then! But we as Human Beings have not tried even 50% of our potential to make things better, to make things work.

I have one more thing to say to all of you. In my mind (nor should be in yours) there is no difference between Muslim, Catholic, Orthodox, Jew, Black White .etc In my mind and I would like to think in my soul too: there is only difference between Right, Wrong, Dark, Light , Truth, Lie Knowledge and lack of it.

Bad things tend to happen and endure due to lack of knowledge or right knowledge in wrong hands misinterpreted in wrong way, bay chance or deliberately.

Distortion is deep , distortion between mind and heart (soul). Harmony is out of balance. I hope that i gave you a good answer or a good opinion that you can use on the topic (God) and other questions.

I hope I respected you and your free will. As of TBU NEWS, it respects everyone’s opinion and I do not claim that TBU NEWS has a premium right on truth, knowledge and opinion. Seeking for truth and knowledge is a process it always evolves and expands. It is a process that involves many many aspects and one of them, that is most important is to make mistakes.

Thanks for your comments and questions they are shaping the TBU NEWS and they contribute much.

Thanks for taking part in the battle for The  Future.

(This article has been originally published on February 25, 2016 and updated on August 05, 2016)

Written by Founder of TBU NEWS Zeljko Mihajlovic

Best Regards