Fight the Future

Often it seems that whatever you have said, done or doing at the moment is not important. How many times have you heard yourself or somebody else saying that “it doesn’t matter” and “it does not make any difference”. But it just seems that way. A word can be a powerful weapon and when it’s combined with truthful  actions it makes it an ultimate response. The only thing that really does not matter is how big or small your contribution is.

Everything counts

Sometimes you need to be something you are not. Sometimes you need to feed somebody else’s perception of you. But sometimes you need to fight for yourself and to defend  yourself no matter what is the outcome and where it will lead you.

If you believe that something is right and something is wrong. Just or injust. If you bealive that something is truth or not. If everything points that you are right and every fiber of your being tels you “You are Right” than you have to stand by it no matter how unpopular it can seem.

You should never betray yourself, the truth and your soul even if it seems you will plunge yourself into the “darkness”. Never forget that there is no darkness so dark that can obscure the light. If your actions and words are coming from your soul and mind in one unbreakable symbiosis then nothing can go wrong. It’s balance. It’s harmony. It is the higher consciousness.

If you feel sarounded and pressed down get up and light that torch. Shine like you have never shined before. Be the beacon of light and truth.

Fight for that light. Fight for truth, justice love and knowledge. Fight against yourself. You are fighting for yourself. Fighting for yourself means you are fighting for others.

Fight the Future it is the fight for the Future.

Written by Founder of TBU NEWS
Zeljko Mihajlovic

Best Regards

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