Change the perception

There are times in life when we ask ourselves, have we done enough? Did we did it in a right way? We often tell ourselves these things when we are close to make some important decisions that will impact our lives and lives of people that surrounds us.

If everything you do constantly leads you to a brick wall in which you smash your head each time as you approach it. No matter what approach you take. Then it’s time to change the perception.

That wall doesn’t represent a challenge anymore. That wall has become a problem! Do you need to solve it? No you don’t! Because you would not be in this same place for so long if that problem is meant to be solved.

Do you escape from it? No you don’t! If you do that you will eventually get more  brick walls along the way in more and more life situations. The only thing you should do is to change the perception and tear that wall down for good.

Change of perception is not an easy task. It’s very hard to do so. We all have our perception about many, many things and we tend to stick with our beliefs as long as possible. How to change the perception and tear that wall down? How?

First you need to acknowledge some things: The wall exists. The wall is not a challenge anymore. You have tried everything but nothing happened. You have done your best and given so much but nothing happened. You did not found a passage trough that wall. The wall still stands and gives you headache every time you get close to it. So it’s not a challenge it’s a problem. We should all acknowledge this and stop draining our energy from our mind and soul.

If that problem was worth it of all your pain and trouble you will not be standing in front of the same wall again, again and again. Right? Ask your self does this problem deserves your attention and time but have in mind that you have done everything in the past that you could possibly do to solve it?! Should you care more?

NO. Change the perception and say to yourself: “This wall does not exists” – “This problem is not worth of trouble and pain” – “I will not allow for this to persist and exist as a problem anymore.

Change the perception and make it unbelievably transparent, small, meaningless, non existent. It does not deserve your attention at all. It does not deserves your soul nor your mind. Stop draining yourself by just stop caring.

Go through it and tear that wall down!

Best Regards

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