Balance and Harmony

This is the official reaction of TBU NEWS inspired by some comments left on YouTube channel by some visitors.

Watching these video and reading these stories on TBU NEWS, doesn’t mean that you need to quit your job. Ruin your life. This doesn’t mean that you need to act negatively toward yourself and to others. This doesn’t mean you should go extreme. Get your self in danger or to be stupid. No. Not at all.

You should be smart and proactive. Yes we all should be. We must not be passive. It is not time to be passive. Do not shut up. It’s time to fight for Future but fight it smart. Fight with knowledge . Fight with truth. Fight with heart.

These videos and articles are here for sake of research and to try to help you maintain and find balance within you. To achieve balance between heart and mind, not the opposite.

Given information will try to help you perceive, and invision a better future for all of us. To try to contribute and to help you to fight for your future and for your children’s future.

These videos and stories should be inspirational, not otherwise. TBU NEWS is not about telling you what you should do. It is about giving opinion objectively as possible. But at the end it all depends on you.

Troughoutt our lives we are passing or at least should pass trough deception and truth. Trough bad and good things. That’s the beauty of it or a bad thing. It depends how we perceive things. It is all about perception. But in every case we are constantly learning something new. We are evolving. Figuratively speaking ” from Darkness to Light”

Books, video and information does help a lot but not only these. You. The key is you. Within you. Try not to break the sacred bound between heart and mind and everything is going to be fine. Try to keep the balance. It is hard but it can be achieved. Nothing is impossible.

TBU NEWS is not telling you that you should be perfect or that TBU NEWS is perfect and that others are wrong. No. We are not gods or saints. We should not try to be one. We all do mistakes. Mistakes are here to make them and to learn from them and eventually to benefit from them. There is no success without them.

Negative things that happen doesn’t always necessary mean that they are bad for you or for us. But If things are really starting to be bad for you. You should not think that there is no way out of it. No, its not the case. Everything is variable, about choice and how we perceive things.

Nothing comes free and without Isaac Newton action-reaction/consequence. There is also another side of this coin. You can not eat an apple if you do not make an effort to pick it up. You can wait to fall by it self, but when it falls its already rotten.

Reality is what it is. You don’t need to change it by using the hammer and try to smash it. No, the wall will eventually come at you. If needed the change must be done within you not the other way around. Eventually it will be all around us. Within us. Remember the energy, fluctuations, particles, collective consciousness etc.

TBU NEWS purpose its not to make you believe in anything,  its about objective info (as TBU NEWS see it) and delivering that info to others. What you do with that info, its only up to you. Should you believe it or not? Should you treat it as false or not? Should those info make you research or not ? Maybe just amuse you and ignite the imagination. Inspire you a little ?

It doesn’t matter.

At the end it’s only up to you!

(article updated on 19.03.2016)

Written by Founder of TBU NEWS Zeljko Mihajlovic

Best Regards

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