Babylonian Path

Babylonian Path – (EU origin and NWO dream)

Famous author, writer and researcher David Icke talks about European Union, New World Order, Banking system, Radiation, Food and Energy, 9/11, Middle east crisis , system of control and global enslavement that has came and is coming upon us trough the dealings of few man over many. Ruling Elite, 1% that wants it all. He talks about the true goal of the hidden rulers.

This video is a compilation of David Icke interviewees given to “Na Rubu Znanosti”- HRT2 – Croation State television in period from 2009 to 2012 connected in one single story that gives the whole perspective and insight into the Big Picture from the words and opinions of David Icke.

This video is subtitled in Serb/Croat and audio is in English language.

What do you think, is this true or not ?
Is this what happens all around us or it is just a “conspiracy theory”?

Is it a fact is it all real or it is a hoax for some purpose and reason?

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