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"System will not call it self a system if it was a Success." Best Regards TBU NEWS
We are going to witness the most important event in the history of our planet. The "old" world order has been dying in front of our eyes and the new one is being born. It is a natural process of...
"The more Dangerous thing than lack of Democracy is to fake its existence." Best Regards TBU NEWS
There should be no alternative to Peace, It must be just Peace and Balance! Best Regards TBU NEWS
Update info 5 - of July 2015 -  Jovan Aleksic did not win on this contest but he achieved his dream he shined as a star and he will continue to shine as one. TBU NEWS is great-full for his...
It's time to call things by their true name. Coup d'état! Let's elaborate further... What we are witnessing is the greatest hoax and conspiracy in the history of US politics against the rightfully elected president of the United States of...
"Speak when you are angry - and you'll make the best speech you'll ever regret." Laurence J. Peter Beat Regards TBU NEWS
Power of mind is vast because it projects the variables into the collective consciousness. Which variable you are going to step in or which one is going to become your reality ? I don't know but to find out...
It is very important to bring in human mind radical revolution. This crisis is a crisis in conscious / consciousness. The crisis that can no longer accept the old norms, the old patterns the ancient traditions. And considering what the world...